Four Rs

You will not believe what I have discovered- People do not read and they have forgotten how to add and subtract. I have suspected for quite some time that writing is old school, a skill reserved for future ancestors of a certain age. I had no idea that reading and arithmetic had gone the way of the 8-track too.

In the not so distant past, I was the drop jawed, recipient of a phone call requesting the total of two amounts and questioning a revision and deduction in a contract about to be  executed. The conversation proceeded thusly-

Caller: “Is 12566 the total of 10402 and 2164?”

Me: “Yes.” Don’t you have a pencil and paper?

Caller: “Well, is that 3000 less than the original amount?”

Me: “Yes.” You can’t remember but you’re going to take my word for it when I’m the one who wrote the contract, really? Is that the best way to protect your interests?

I’m trustworthy but what if I weren’t? What if I were a shifty eyed, money grubbing, scoundrel? The caller believed me and signed a contract that could have fleeced him. Beyond that, I am a mere mortal, prone to error.

I work closely with a lawyer and an accountant. I check every word and decimal point in the work they do for us. I trust them, I do. It’s just that last time I looked, they appeared to be ordinary humans too.

What are we coming to when we constantly rely on other people for accurate information? Isn’t that how we found ourselves in a world-wide depression? Responsibility- it does a brain good.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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3 Responses to Four Rs

  1. John says:

    The amount of Stupid that’s walking around as Living, Breathing Individuals is really quite frightening. Yes, The Economy is an important issue, but, some days I feel like The Stupid is a much more serious issue.

    • elroyjones says:

      My mother used to say, “There’s no cure for stupid.” It is scary, John. How did stupid proliferate so quickly? Maybe it is lazy disguised as stupid, no, it’s stupid and lazy intermarried. We are doomed.

      • John says:

        A friend of mine claims that Stupid has proliferated because of all our rules and regulations. Once upon a time, stupid people died because they used the hair-dryer in the shower, but, now, there’s a big tag that says “Don’t use in the Shower!!!!” Once upon a time, stupid people stood on the top rung of a ladder, then fell to their death. Now, there are big warnings to not go further than such and such a step. Natural Selection used to carry the stupid people off, but, now we regulate things, so that they are safe. So, stupid people are now living longer and able to propagate. This, at least, is my friend’s theory…

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