Today’s View

From the kitchen window this morning.

The wind chime was a 40th birthday present from me to me.

There are rocks in a bowl given to me by the Descendants when they were little boys, as well as a rock from my nephew Tristan when he was alive and just a youngster.

The bottles came from an old bottle dump we found on my gramp’s property when we were little kids.

The little plaque that says “Joy” was a gift from me to my little niece, Maggie, an inheritance after she died. There’s a heart cookie cutter that I bought, for cents, one day when I was with Maggie, the Red Haired Philosopher, and my sister.

I found the little jar that holds the bead from the chocker my brother Brian wore for years, which I inherited. I stuck it in with special shells and beach glass I saved. There’s an old domino in there too, that I found while Brian was sick, on the same day that I found the jar, that holds it all, on a sidewalk. I made the blue teardrop sun-catcher during that time while I thought about him.

My oldest and dearest friend gave me the long blue sun catcher. I was with her when she bought it and later begged it from her-lucky me!

The flamingo came from the Red Haired Philosopher. I love the flamingos and the RHP always gets them for me in one form or another.

I bought the stars one year at Christmas, I got some for Mum too. She stuck hers in with a plant (a discovery I made after she died) and it seemed like a good idea. I have mine in a vase. The shell in the window was a present from me to Mum when I lived in Michigan (go figure), another inheritance.

The tiny vases were my gram’s and she gave them to me one year when she was feeling old.

There’s an unidentified pottery somethingorother with a blue jay feather in it, both from my husband. There are some blue florists pebbles in the vase that holds the stars, another found item from my husband.

The glittery peace sign was a Christmas gift from my much maligned sister. She has gotten me a few peace signs, she knows I like them.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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16 Responses to Today’s View

  1. Picture perfect. Thanks for sharing. If I can speak for Maggie, All Joy. HF

  2. No hippies… what a rip off!
    But man, that is a gorgeous view. We have no view.
    OK, if you set out to make me want to cry, good job…
    The words were more beautiful than the view… (and I really like trees)…
    But the peace sign does not make up for no hippies…

  3. gkinnard says:

    A beautiful and thoughtful place, this kitchen window with a view!

  4. judithatwood says:

    A beautiful collection of life!

  5. Precious items that keep your loved ones before you each day. And the scenery — Yes, I will have to visit my state of birth one of these days.

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