Bill Moyers

Last night, I watched Moyers & Company. The program featured an interview with Doug Liman and Larry Siems who have collaborated on Reckoning with Torture, an informative piece of investigative journalism, shedding credible light on the inhumane methods used at GITMO where a large majority of the detainees are innocent.

The United States government should be ashamed. It has sullied the reputation of every American citizen but most especially those men and women in the United States military.

Our tax dollars at work- stealing years from 16 year old boys, renditioning innocent fathers away from their children. On Memorial Day, I am mindful of the shame of United States government atrocities.


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9 Responses to Bill Moyers

  1. gkinnard says:

    Even under administrations I don’t approve of/support, I try hard to have a lot of faith in our government: that there is in fact some reasoning for the things they which are beyond the understanding of a simple man like me. But torture, GITMO, secret prisons, indefinite detentions, I just can’t rationalize these things. How do we hold ourselves up as the moral center of the civilized world while we do stuff like this?

    • elroyjones says:

      I don’t want people in other parts of the world to think the US government represents the will of the people. It hurts my head and my heart that this continues.

  2. That is why I can’t stop doing ‘renditions’ of Dick Cheney.

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