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Small Traditions

Every spring, close to Memorial Day, my husband and I get flowers for all of the pots and window boxes. He tells me the flowers don’t matter to him. It is an untruth. One year he chose most of the … Continue reading

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Early Morning

We get up pretty early here on Hippy Hill. I like mornings the best. When I was young, wild, and free, the bright lights of big city nights were my favorite. Now I enjoy the quiet beginning of a brand … Continue reading

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Visitors: Intruders v. Guests

I live in an area that is beautiful in the summer, a region people like to visit. I am not a hostess. Typically, I do not enjoy prolonged social interaction. There are exceptions. The Exceptions know who they are. I … Continue reading

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Contemplating Joe

My brother, Joe, is 6 years younger than me. When he was a brand new infant, fresh from the hospital, I wanted to take the umbilical cord remnant off his belly button because it marred my, otherwise perfect, baby brother. … Continue reading

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Annie’s Pride

We stopped at Annie’s today. It’s a sweet, little spot.

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