Nice Girl

Today I met a “couple”. The man is married to someone else. I am no stranger to infidelity. I’ve participated in clandestine affairs as the cheater and as the other woman. Mind you, it is ancient history from the time before I married my husband.

I happened to be at the married man’s vacation home. A photograph of him with his wife and little boy is displayed prominently on the wall. I wondered what his female guest thought of the picture. I wondered if she thought of his family as an inconvenience or if she imagined that she would someday be the little boy’s beloved stepmother, Daddy’s new wife.

I don’t think she is terrible. I think he is dishonest. If it were the other way around, I’d think she was dishonest. I looked at the wife in the photograph. She’s probably 10 years older than the female guest. Her eyebrows have begun to slip toward her eyelids, her hair isn’t as thick and shiny as it must have been when she was younger. I observed the female guest. Her honey blonde hair was in a long pony tail; nothing on her face sagged with age or weariness. I talked with her for a while. She told me how she met him. He’s her professor. She’ll graduate soon. While we talked, I recalled the wonder of youth and the unlimited opportunities available during the time before you acquire people. She was energetic in her enthusiasm. I liked her.

I wanted to say, “Honey, don’t waste your heart on him. He’s a renowned surgeon, enticingly European but entrenched. You aren’t entrenched yet. You are free. Wait for someone who matches you, someone who will be the other half of your pair.”

She was a nice girl.


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8 Responses to Nice Girl

  1. gkinnard says:

    I’ve been a bad boy in a couple of past lives (and consorted with bad girls as well), so I know whereof I speak. This stuff rarely goes in a good direction. If and when it does lead to something “permanent,” that usually means that somebody got hurt in the process.

    If a person wants to be single, then they should proceed—post-haste—to get themselves single. Get the hurt over with up front.

  2. webnerbob says:

    Her professor?!?!? Sorry, but that is just wrong, wrong, wrong, separate and apart from the fact that the guy is cheating on his wife. Teachers who “date” students — and usually there isn’t much dating in the normal sense going on — should be canned from their jobs. They are in a position of authority, dealing with people who are naive and trusting, and they are taking advantage. Pretty sickening.

    • elroyjones says:

      Yes, wrong WB. He is a smooth talker and in a position of authority. I understand the allure he presents to his student. I suspect she is not the first one to succumb to his charms. They are not people in my private life; otherwise, I would have told her to flee. The worst thing is years from now she may be consumed by guilt over this unfortunate business.

  3. Peggy says:

    HAHAHA! Her professor . . . well, let’s just say coming from working in higher education, there are a lot of professors sleeping with their students, mostly grad students and post-docs. It’s how many relationships form . . . some forever, and some not so much. I know several professors who met their current wives this way. And, not all were married at the time. Sort of like meeting your future spouse at work and we all know there have been many workplace romances that have panned out. Before sexual harassment became such a huge topic, the workplace was a huge dating pool. One thing I can say for sure is that when this was me, I didn’t feel guilt. I must be one of those bad girls of which gskinnard spoke. I learned a lot from these situations – like what I will and will not tolerate in life. But, guilt . . . nope, none.

    • elroyjones says:

      Michelle and I talked about guilt. She just laughs and says she had a good time. I recall a lot of anguish for a nominal amount of fun. As it turns out this particular gentleman has had quite a run of it: co-workers, students, neighbors, no one is safe!

  4. If I was her, I would always wonder what he was going to do when I started to get a little older and saggier. Just saying, not judging.

    • elroyjones says:

      It’s the trust thing. I’ve been in similar situations (shocking!) during my misspent youth. I wish I hadn’t deluded myself and wasted my time. As Peggy said, you gain an awareness of what you don’t want.

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