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From johnbalaya

It Might Be Just A TV Show. A must see.

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Happily Married

My husband turned 52. I got him Godsmack’s cd, the one with all the remakes including Joe Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way. It came in the mail today. No, I am NOT an iTune person, don’t judge. We still have a … Continue reading

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Owned Actions

I have the highest admiration for people who step up to claim their behavior and motivations. I am relieved for those refugees who make it to the shores of acceptance and mercy. Karl Malantes was a guest on Moyers & … Continue reading

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Missing Persons

I’d feel guilty about being cross and difficult EXCEPT lots of my women friends “get it”. In Uncharitable Thoughts I may or may not have mortally wounded my husband with an oar, maybe he was just an ear bleeder, who … Continue reading

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Best Part

The comments make this blog. The readers are hilarious, wry, observant, and generally brilliant. Lucky me!

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Scattered Matters

Last spring I bought a ticket to see Big Head Todd, Bare Naked Ladies, and Cracker. Soon I’ll see the show. I hope I don’t see anyone I know. I relish occasional anonymity. I’d like to see Pearl Jam. Those … Continue reading

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Pretty Peek

I was snooping around Darla’s blog to make sure I hadn’t missed anything when I found this link to Amber O’Neill’s art. Having spent a couple of years in California, it evokes a lot of what I remember. Her work captures … Continue reading

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Ten Years

I read something today that projected 10 years into the future. Right now I have sheets on the bed that are 11 years old; they’re a tactile delight. I can’t recall if I had any notion of my future 11 … Continue reading

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Double Standards

The surface conceals a lot. Especially at this age. Except for the most dedicated individualists among us, we seem to blend together as life progresses. I find myself making assumptions about people, all the time, based solely on superficial impressions. … Continue reading


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Uncharitable Thoughts

Lately, my husband, whom I love to the brink of homicide, has been given to saying “after all this time”. The little black dress of phrases, it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Sometimes he says, … Continue reading

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