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It Might Be Just A TV Show. A must see. Advertisements

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Happily Married

My husband turned 52. I got him Godsmack’s cd, the one with all the remakes including Joe Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way. It came in the mail today. No, I am NOT an iTune person, don’t judge. We still have a … Continue reading

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Owned Actions

I have the highest admiration for people who step up to claim their behavior and motivations. I am relieved for those refugees who make it to the shores of acceptance and mercy. Karl Malantes was a guest on Moyers & … Continue reading

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Missing Persons

I’d feel guilty about being cross and difficult EXCEPT lots of my women friends “get it”. In Uncharitable Thoughts I may or may not have mortally wounded my husband with an oar, maybe he was just an ear bleeder, who … Continue reading

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Best Part

The comments make this blog. The readers are hilarious, wry, observant, and generally brilliant. Lucky me!

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Scattered Matters

Last spring I bought a ticket to see Big Head Todd, Bare Naked Ladies, and Cracker. Soon I’ll see the show. I hope I don’t see anyone I know. I relish occasional anonymity. I’d like to see Pearl Jam. Those … Continue reading

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Pretty Peek

I was snooping around Darla’s blog to make sure I hadn’t missed anything when I found this link to Amber O’Neill’s art. Having spent a couple of years in California, it evokes a lot of what I remember. Her work captures … Continue reading

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