Shamelessly Honest

I was at the dry cleaners preparing for the advent of the new box spring and mattress when I happened to catch a snippet of the interview Vanessa Williams gave on Anderson Cooper. I liked it. I remember the Penthouse spread, BFD. She was beautiful. I suspect all of the women who saw it wished they could look like her. I did. I can remember the guys my age all had copies of Penthouse and talked about it incessantly.

I enjoyed her irreverence in describing winning the pageant crown, how she and her friends laughed about the wild, little heathen she really was, as opposed to the image she had to project. The thing I most admired about her candid interview was her ability to allow herself some transgressions on the way to becoming the person she grew up to be.

The world could use a little more honesty and a lot less shame.

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17 Responses to Shamelessly Honest

  1. John says:

    I remember the whole scandal, and I remember thinking how dumb the whole thing was. And, it pissed me off — that she was the one who was made to be the bad guy, but there wasn’t much of an outcry about all the people who enjoyed looking at those photos of her. I’m glad that she was able to have the last laugh, and become one of those rare things: a pagent winner who became successful at something other than being beautiful, and for being a pagent winner who’s name people remember.

  2. gkinnard says:

    Vanessa Williams was and is drop-dead gorgeous. I remember the Penthouse as well—rather fondly! Williams was treated lousy back then, but she won in the end: how many Miss Americas can you name besides her? In my book, she’s a class act!

  3. The title made me tilt my head and smile. After reading this, the smile grew to a grin.

  4. misslisted says:

    Amen to that last sentiment!

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  6. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Love her! And her book, “You Have No Idea” is sooooo awesome.. I’m a total fan!


  7. What about shameful honesty… or honest shamefulness…?

  8. Alex Jones says:

    The world often is full of masks and dishonesty.

  9. sacha1nch1 says:

    please, what is ‘bfd’?

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