Don’t Forget

I’m a peaceful person, in that I oppose war and do not understand why we haven’t managed to transcend it.

Paradoxically, I am a steadfast supporter of our troops. Most young people do not join the military because it is their dream, most join because they haven’t identified their dreams yet, a number of them join because they have nowhere else to go. I watched this video this morning and it made me cry.

I hope you will watch it too. I hope you’ll think about the people who comprise our armed forces. I hope that you’ll try to offer some small encouragement to them.

It is galling to me that we have a large population of homeless veterans, that we don’t offer the absolute best care and benefits to our troops who have been injured in service.

They stand up for all of us. We need to stand up for them when they can no longer stand on their own.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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9 Responses to Don’t Forget

  1. judithatwood says:

    I thought there would be a chance at the end to send letters or emails to individuals on the lines in Afghanistan and around the world. quite some video!

  2. I can’t watch those things, or my computer will die, and you just said you are taking a firm stand on not killing anything.

  3. That’s a powerful video. It brought tears to my eyes, too. Here’s another organization that helps you support our troops with the things they need.

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