Reality Revealed

My sister interrupted my niece’s phone call, this weekend, to announce she misses me “terribly”. We tend to overdramatize. She was looking at a very large cookie, with frosting, which may or may not have conjured the emotion. She requested a photo for her fridge gallery. I took quite a few, my husband took one and made me laugh, two cute tree hugging-planet saving, pachouli fragranced, girls at a picnic table took another but I look like a doofus so I’m not going to post that one. The best one is of me in the midst of cleaning the bathroom. I am but a common person of the masses… .

Fishing on Saturday, smiling while seething-more later. In case you haven’t noticed I am sometimes inclined toward mean spirited, small minded, uncharitable thoughts.

CLEANING THE BATHROOM, an introspective.
I bought the frames for my specs in 1994. I chose them because they make me look just like Jodie Foster; they did in 1994 and, oddly, they still do, the resemblance is uncanny!

My husband’s imagery. I love this ensemble. The sunglasses are glamorous. I bought them for $2.00, 25 years ago, at a swap meet in San Diego. They lend a little zap of pizazz to my big, bad, glitzy self.

An artistic composition I took on the way to bed last night. I’m wearing my public spectacles, the ones I use at the bank and the post office. Otherwise, I walk around oblivious, a modern day Mrs. Magoo. The frames haven’t had quite the impact I’d hoped for. I intended them to be a signature look; instead, a fashion fizzle.

Reality can’t often compete, successfully, with imagination.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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31 Responses to Reality Revealed

  1. I like the idea that a frosted cookie can bring on emotions, but it usually takes coffee with the cookie… lots of coffeee… or maybe that’s just me. 😀

  2. hanslr says:

    Elroy: Loved the pics of the many you!

    • elroyjones says:

      I haven’t heard a peep from you in ages. I sort of hoped you saw the Webners when they were on vacation. You know, I’ve reached the stage where I’m beginning to look tortoise-like but that’s okay because I’m having a pretty good time!

      • hanslr says:

        I did read every post of the Webner’s while they were in Blue Hill and I even sent one reply. Alas, they did not respond!

    • webnerbob says:

      My bad, EJ and hanslr, in not responding when we were in Maine! We were too busy enjoying the sites suggested by EJ, and I’m always a bit concerned about setting up meetings that the other party might not really want. FYI, Kish has written a piece on our blog about why she loves Maine, and I’m quite confident we’ll be back. Perhaps next time we can get together in person as well as in spirit, if you are willing.

      • hanslr says:

        No prob Bob. I hope we will both be here next year in which case I would welcome a visit. In the meantime I’ve responded to Kish’s blog about ME & you might want to follow up with her. Cheers!

      • elroyjones says:

        Yay! Kish posted, hustling right over to read! Not bad WB, you were on vacation with your family. I thought the Webners would enjoy the hnslrs company.

  3. John says:

    Your career as a Supermodel is off to a good start!

    Love the Intellectual Specs.

  4. I love the purple outfit. Purple is cool.

  5. Peggy says:

    Love, love, love ALL of them but you are right: the bathroom cleaning pic is the best. I agree with the Sister: I miss you TERRIBLY (not being too overly dramatic).

  6. gkinnard says:

    Finally: no more age-progression photos or artists renderings, we have the real thing! You look lovely, child!

  7. This is my favorite post of all.

  8. Small minds are the best minds. Enjoyed the pictures. Especially happy to see you have a second eye.

  9. Doug says:

    I like the hipster bathroom attendant look and the popped collar of pic one. There’s a “take no prisoner” posture in glitzy photo three. And pic 4 be da bomb.

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