Double Standards

The surface conceals a lot. Especially at this age. Except for the most dedicated individualists among us, we seem to blend together as life progresses. I find myself making assumptions about people, all the time, based solely on superficial impressions.

I’m afflicted by the continuing belief that almost everyone has it together but me. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I am surprised whenever someone tells me they’ve been married before, that the current spouse is not the original spouse.

You may be able to imagine the drop-jaw I suffered when an accountant friend confided that he has no will. I expect bean counters to have their stuff together, compiling facts, figures and papers is supposed to come naturally to them. I know of a lawyer who has no money and mountains of debt and physicians who have experienced garnishments for back child support. You would expect that kind of chaos from me but not from them.

The reverse is also true. People often believe I’m a teacher or, when they discover I have business interests, they imagine I favor exploiting the poor to benefit the rich. Sometimes  it’s amusing, often it’s insulting. I can’t get mad because I do it too.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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6 Responses to Double Standards

  1. I don’t even have single standards, let alone double ones…
    I would be curious to know what sort of conclusions you leaped to about me… or maybe I don’t want to know…

    • elroyjones says:

      Well of course you’re curious, why wouldn’t you be? Remember I lived in California for a while so the assumptions I made about you were a tiny bit better informed than they would have been about someone from Idaho, where I’ve never visited. At first, I imagined you were more of a beach artist because you live in southern CA. I never would have imagined you’ve had such a hair raising, rollicking, ride. I thought you’d be more green tea calm, Zen, be here now. I thought you’d be less effervescent than you are- that’s a compliment. Coincidentally, your youthful experience with your friends in SF was very similar to mine w/my friends in coastal New England. You’re a couple of years older than me but it appears neither of us took the yuppie train.

  2. judithatwood says:

    This is a thought-provoking post. Assumptions are often my downfall! 😎

  3. Can someone hand out t-shirts with that last sentence, please?

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