Pretty Peek

I was snooping around Darla’s blog to make sure I hadn’t missed anything when I found this link to Amber O’Neill’s art. Having spent a couple of years in California, it evokes a lot of what I remember. Her work captures light effectively in its complex simplicity. Please take a peek.


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5 Responses to Pretty Peek

  1. No links… I only care about you…

  2. Thanks for sharing her link. I love her style. Most of that landscape is what you’ll find between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara (includes Summerland and Montecito). Amber is my friend and the art instructor for the school where I’m employed. You should see the work of her students (kindergarten through fourth grade). Amber’s son is also Daisy Love Merrick’s best boy friend. He regularly shaves his head so that he can look like Daisy as she suffers through cancer.

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