Owned Actions

I have the highest admiration for people who step up to claim their behavior and motivations. I am relieved for those refugees who make it to the shores of acceptance and mercy.

Karl Malantes was a guest on Moyers & Company this week. He talked about his Viet Nam War experience in comparison to today’s soldiers’ recurring tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. His interview was filled with revelations and enlightenment. He is a conduit of insight to what war is doing to our economically deprived, young, enlistees. He has managed to come to terms with his experience.

As a nation, we have sent young men and women to kill for the travesty of American imperialism. We owe them their lives, regardless of whether or not we, as individuals, have profited directly from military engagement. For the most part, we sat back and allowed those kids to go, without trying to save them.

Countless mothers, fathers, spouses, and children are the collateral damage to these wars.  I hope each and every veteran finds the way to inner peace.

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25 Responses to Owned Actions

  1. Inner peace. I have a book that has 483 names in it. Their mothers and fathers, girlfriends, wives and children payed a price, as did my own family… in the times when things got wormy. Whether the cause of war is American imperialism, or whether that system is uglier than any other, is open for debate. It is a fact, though, that the cost of resolving conflict through the force of arms is steep.

  2. Every voice that was raised against rushing off to war in those dark days after 9 11 was stilled by vile accusations of being non-American. It is easy to look back now and see how caught up in the idea of vengeance people were, but the leaders still must shoulder the vast amount of the blame.

  3. I watched this segment and was very moved by this man’s straightforwardness.

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