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Election Warning

Generally my vocabulary is extensive enough to adequately describe my intentions and observations. I am sorry to report that this election season has precipitated a sinking of the bar to the lowest common denominator, for that I am doubly sorry. Just … Continue reading

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Fox Facts

Knock me over with a feather! I watch Fox News from time to time in an unsuccessful effort to control my liberal bias. I was looking for interpretations of Paul Ryan’s speech at the convention when I found Sally Kohn’s fascinating, … Continue reading

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As She Sees Them

Judith Atwood is a woman of a certain age, living her life and revealing the progress she makes along the way. She blogs prolifically, and intimately, the way she’d talk with us if we stopped by to visit. She calls … Continue reading

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Television Salvation

My husband has wanted a TV in the bedroom for our entire marriage; well, almost, there was that euphoric newlywed term where he thought we’d whoopee forever. He’s almost fully recovered from that psychotic episode. So we’ve been here on … Continue reading

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Faultless Best

I read Marion Winik’s Telling this weekend. It resonated. She writes about being out all night, doing acid, with her sister, arriving home as her mother is having a morning cup of coffee. Marion tells her mom that they’re tripping … Continue reading

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David Brooks on Paul Ryan

A bit of enlightenment on the process in the Land of Make Believe. The greater good transcends ego and ambition. Ryan dropped the ball. David Brooks writes about what could have been if the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan had gone … Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide to KDP Select Free Giveaways «

Information for writers exploring options for distributing their work. The Definitive Guide to KDP Select Free Giveaways «

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