Dirty Secrets

We live in an area that is a seasonal enclave for society’s upper echelons. As you know, I’ve had some terrific interactions with the older generation of the one percent, truly gracious people who like to laugh. You would recognize some of the names of the residents if I chose to drop them, which of course I would never do.

The younger generation is something quite different. They are slovenly. I do not exaggerate. I am describing people who are parents themselves. Parents who leave their babies’ used diapers to winter over in cars; adults who will not pick up after themselves; people who would rather sit in filth while they wait for someone else to clean up the mess around them. Thank Gawd, that’s not my job.

I’ll let you in on something else, money and good taste are not synonymous, not in the least. You wouldn’t believe some of the tacky tchotchkes, ordinary junk, stuff you’d expect to find in a dorm room rather than at a summer compound. But wait, there’s more.

Some of them, in some instances more than one generation of them, are being investigated by the SEC. Entire families, imagine! Call me naive but I just can’t imagine Dad, Grandad, and Biff being investigated at the very same time. It’s the pedigreed version of the Madoff scandal.

Privilege is just a word. Sometimes it’s a dirty word.


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7 Responses to Dirty Secrets

  1. gkinnard says:

    If some [unknown] relative decides to bestow the [nonexistent] family fortune upon me, I vow to be the best-dressed SOB that you’ve ever seen—I won’t let anyone down. I’ve got enough time in as a bum; I want to stink of class and good taste.

  2. With entire legal staffs at their disposal, any investigation will be dragged out until we’re all feeding daisies. And the elite will argue, of course, that it is just a government gone wild trying to take away what they’ve worked so hard for.

    Congratulations! You made me look up tchotchkes. 😀

  3. judithatwood says:

    Well-written, and so smart – common courtesy has gone the way of the great auk!

  4. Now you are talking my language… more dirt… I need more dirt…

  5. Good post.
    Not surprising… So I wonder if the SEC will really investigate, pick a scapegoat, or just gloss over?

    • elroyjones says:

      The SEC is investigating, the investigation has spread from the original family to their friends. It’s interesting because it’s sort of incestuous. I suppose the 1% share investing opportunities the way I share recipes or remedies for persistent stains.

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