Middle Class Strength

If you have a moment or two, it shouldn’t take much longer than that, please take a look at Governor Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class.

Energy independence is his first priority. It looks like he’d like to rollback those cumbersome EPA regulations, “destroying the coal industry” (protecting the environment), and streamline permitting for exploration and development.

Here’s a no brainer to appeal to parent voters, Mr. Romney will “give every family access to a great school and quality teachers.” I wonder how he’ll manage that when municipalities are struggling to keep emergency services funded? He will attract and retain the best and brightest from around the world. Do you think he’ll advocate for slave labor disguised as internships for unemployed college grads?

He hopes to curtail unfair trade practices of countries like China. He must have a secret weapon. They pretty much own us. Mr. Romney  intends to open new markets for American goods and services. That’s going to be MAGIC. We don’t make much of anything anymore. It’s all Made in China so American corporations (NOT people) can post huge profits while the workers in this country  are crushed by unemployment and inflation.

Mitt’s plan will cut the deficit by immediately reducing non-security discretionary spending. Poor people are discretionary, defense contractors are not.

Mr. Romney is the self-proclaimed champion of small business, which is not as small as you might think. He will advocate for workers and business alike by protecting them from strong-arm labor union tactics.

Finally, Mr. Romney will replace the Affordable Care Act with something that is not as embarrassingly similar to RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

I can’t say that voting matters at all but Romney scares me enough that I’ll give it a whirl one more time.


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22 Responses to Middle Class Strength

  1. gkinnard says:

    Romney, where do I begin. . . .

    As you know form being acquainted with me, 100% of my salary, benefits, and office are paid for from discretionary spending funds. If Romney/Ryan get in, my [oh, let’s just say it] ASS is history.

    They’ll promise the moon, close down departments, fire people, screw stuff up, then yell like hell at the Dems later because they aren’t cleaning up the [their] mess fast enough.

    Normally I wouldn’t worry about them getting in . . . but stranger things have happened: GWB.

    • elroyjones says:

      Great comment, George. Your job, my lady friends at subsidized housing, the fact that the day may come when I need a helping hand, are the reasons I will be ranting and raving until the election.

  2. judithatwood says:

    I don’t have the thoughtful words George used above. No, I am full of words like shithead and asshole and prick. Of course he wants to attract the best and brightest — they are the children of other countries, whose economies pay the outrageous tuition American families can’t afford, unless they’re rich and comfortable Americans who benefit from Republicans’ tax cuts. He is a bastard, who wants to roll back every decent piece of legislation passed in the last 40 years.

  3. John says:

    …Energy independence, according to the Republican party, even now, in 2012, can be summed up in 3 words: Drill, baby, drill. The Ryan budget slashes billions from social programs, yet STILL gives $44 Billion in subsidies to oil and gas companies — companies that are already making billions.

    The idea behind good schools, according to the Romney plan, is to privatize the schools, take them out of the sphere of the government, and turn the running of schools into a For-profit industry, which, will just make a few rich people even richer, and will make the Middle Class even poorer, since they’ll have to start paying for their children’s education, which, most likely, will cost more than the taxes they pay.

    I am cautiously optimistic about the election, and think that we’ll realize that the Romney/Ryan ticket is not the right choice.

  4. The candidates placed before us are the ones those in charge have pre-approved. If the candidate did not ‘sign on’ to the party line (I don’t mean Rep/Dem) he would not be approved. If any candidate happens to get elected and then happens to have a change of heart & tries to do the right thing by humanity, that person will be ‘eliminated’. That’s the game – rigged completely through (lock, stock, & barrel). No matter who gets in/elected, the path, process, & result will be the same.
    The only way out is to stop playing that game & start playing the real one. You get to decide which the real one is – that’s called freedom.

    • elroyjones says:

      It’s fairly obvious that the same group of people have controlled finances and government since the inception of the nation. We as a society are not prepared for the civil unrest that significant change requires.

  5. I think Romnoids recent visits overseas gave us a preview of how good his foreign policy will be.

    • elroyjones says:

      I am hoping that people are not going to sign on with him. I’m putting my faith in minority and women voters to keep the Diabolical Duo out of the White House.

      • They just keep saying Obama is destroying the freedom of our country, when they imprisoned citizens with no trial and wiretaped us. And his policies are ruining our economy… because he hasn’t fixed the damage they did fast enough. And he doesn’t get anything done, even though in the House and Senate they do everything they can to not let anything happen. And yet still, half the people in this country think we would be better off with Romneybot. Mr. Show us your birth certificate but keep your eyes off my tax records.

      • elroyjones says:

        Tremendous line, “Mr. Show us your birth certificate but keep your eyes off my tax records.”

      • Don’t get me started on politics… I still have all my hair… now…

  6. Peggy says:

    Here’s a good article in the New Yorker about Paul Ryan. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/08/06/120806fa_fact_lizza

  7. Oh my goodness- don’t get me started on those “internships.” In a lot of cases, you can only get a good job if you have a few of those under your belt, but trying to survive in a place like NYC while getting paid $0- a low stipend to grab coffee all day is impossible unless you’re already well off. Vicious cycle…

    • elroyjones says:

      It is disgusting that people are being exploited this way; particularly, young inexperienced people who feel cornered. Thanks for chiming in and adding your perspective!

      • Well its true- the only person I know who has been able to do these internships (though many others have been accepted), is the daughter of a global vice president for a huge PR Agency… though granted I applied for a magazine internship and got asked to contribute instead- we’ll see what happens.

  8. elroyjones says:

    Jacob! Hooray for YOU! Contributing, congratulations, most exciting!

  9. The inner rabblerouser is showing itself. Keep shouting.

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