Why Fret About A $2 Million Federal Internship Program?

I agree with WB’s position. However, needing a change at the top does not mean that the choice offered to us in November’s election will facilitate that change. I believe we will see a much more forceful Obama in his second term. Nevertheless, this is an informative piece and I’m grateful to WB for this post.

Why Fret About A $2 Million Federal Internship Program?.


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12 Responses to Why Fret About A $2 Million Federal Internship Program?

  1. I think that this government (regardless of party affiliation) is being ‘directed’ by other parties/interests. I agree that “we will see a much more forceful” – but government, regardless of who is president. My reason? A steady (and easily visible) progression down a path that requires an increasing use of force to control…
    I so wish this wasn’t true.

    • elroyjones says:

      I agree, we are tripping the light fantastic on the path to totalitarianism. The baby was thrown out with the bath water with the Patriot Act. Katrina with the resultant disdain for ordinary citizens and the “let them eat cake” attitude of the ruling class was just a preview.

  2. webnerbob says:

    I’m grateful to EJ for posting this piece, and if the President is re-elected, it will be interesting to see whether his approach changes in a way that would affect this kind of wrong-headed bureaucratic activity. I must confess, however, that I am being beaten down by the constant release of news about questionable government practices, like this audit report about the $2 million internship. We always seem to be promised that something will be done about this kind of waste — but later, after the next week, or month, or election — and nothing ever gets done. After so many years of the same song-and-dance from our political leaders, how can you reasonably expect something different?

    What is especially pernicious about these kinds of stories is that they detract from the important role that government programs can play in helping those in need. When a governmental agency approves a senseless $2 million internship for an IT department, how can you trust them to make rational judgments about spending our tax dollars?

    • judithatwood says:

      But is it the story that is pernicious, or is it ” When a governmental agency approves a senseless $2 million internship for an IT department,” that is really the problem?

      • webnerbob says:

        No doubt, it is the wasteful spending itself that is the problem. The point I was trying to make is that news stories about such waste hurt the case of people who support an activist government, and therefore it should be in their interest — as much as the interest of people who favor smaller government — to root out and stop wasteful spending or programs so that such harmful stories don’t appear. Yet although there should be a consensus on that point, the abusive practices still continue, like clockwork. Nothing ever gets done.

  3. gkinnard says:

    I maintain that Obama’s not the problem. The do-nothing, nyet, ain’t-gonna-say-yes-to-any-damn-idea-conceived-by-that-damn-Kenyan congress is the problem.

    “If” Obama wins, I think he will—finally—get his kick-ass-and-take-names mojo goin’.

    We’ll see.

  4. elroyjones says:

    I agree that we have an obstructionist Congress and, as much as I hate to acknowledge the suspicion, it is entirely possible that there are those in the establishment who resent the fact that a man of color is in the White House.
    Having followed WB’s blog for quite a while I know his frustration from “news” that detracts from the larger issues is ongoing. I share that frustration. A case in point is the useless bickering over who is running a “hateful” campaign- nobody cares! I want to see a sensible budget where the sacrifice is shared by all and government waste is eliminated.
    Politicians are concentrating on who is “right” rather than what will work to get us out of the ditch.
    I believe we will see a very different Obama in a second term if we also see cooperation from Congress.
    I supported Obama in 2008 and I will vote for him in November; although, I can’t say that he has my unconditional support this time around. He’s been responsible for some positive changes but he’s been susceptible to cronyism too. Geithner’s appointment was my first disappointment; the mess with Solyndra has been another lapse in judgment. Obama is only a man and our problems are epic.

  5. Peggy says:

    This is another example of reporting on an issue that just gets swept under the rug or ignored. Look at all the reporting that was done on the military waste during the Iraq and Afghanistan “wars.” There was much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair and in the end, it continues unabated according to a family friend who just came back from Afghanistan working as a consultant. He’s a big-time Republican and even he says the waste is over the top outrageous. Again, it boils down to no one cares enough to make it a cause or, even if they do, it gets bartered away. I heard yesterday that this Congress has a 10% approval rating, which is the lowest in recent times. Oh well. No one seems to be doing much about that either. We just keep trucking along which is what will happen regardless of who is elected in November.

    • elroyjones says:

      There is nothing that unites us, nothing, not one single thing. There are people living in their cars if they still have them or in shelters and on the streets with their children and still nothing happens. OWS has been the only unified protest.

      • Peggy says:

        You’re right but you never hear of any of the Occupy movements anymore. That’s the thing . . . all the gov’t has to do is wait them out and they fade away. There is nothing with teeth.

      • elroyjones says:

        We are impatient because we’ve come to expect instant gratification. Abolition took a long time, Civil Rights, ERA, and the end to the Vietnam War were also a long time coming. There will be starts and stops along the way but eventually the People will prevail. Once $$$ for mani-pedi’s and new cars dries up for the majority, they’ll come around.
        The problem is that people like to define themselves as being successful and doing well so it takes a while for them to understand that they are being exploited.

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