Fox Facts

Knock me over with a feather! I watch Fox News from time to time in an unsuccessful effort to control my liberal bias. I was looking for interpretations of Paul Ryan’s speech at the convention when I found Sally Kohn’s fascinating, critique. It seems not all are enamored of Mr. Ryan’s marketing value for the Romney ticket.

It was a good strategy to choose Ryan to offset Romney’s age. I know how I feel at 50, so I can only imagine how receptive Romney’d be to taking the 2 a.m. “calls”, at 65. The GOP has been lukewarm for Mitt since the beginning. I suspect they don’t want to have to clean up the shit storm they created under Bush/Cheney.


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27 Responses to Fox Facts

  1. I don’t follow any of it (either side) but I did turn the news on to watch the weather last night, and ended up listening to ABC’s glowing assessment of… What was his name?… Scroll up… Oh yeah… Ryan’s impact on the convention. The reporter was giddy.

    • elroyjones says:

      It is discouraging, Tim. I think we’re in for the biggest hosing ever perpetrated on the American people. Gas prices here went up 10 cents from Monday to Tuesday and food prices will surely escalate this winter after droughts all spring and summer but no one in Washington cares. The ego and witless greed is unfathomable.

    • elroyjones says:

      The guys at the feed store say food prices will increase by 30% judging from the cost of feed.

  2. Peggy says:

    Dear god, if it takes a Fox News reporter to bring light to the falsities contained in Ryan’s speech, we are truly doomed. What the hell is the liberal media doing these days? I’m embarrassed.

  3. Romney doesn’t want to talk about his taxes, because he cheats on them. He doesn’t want to talk about his religion, because it was just made up by some guy a hundered or so years ago, and has some really silly rules. He talked about his business skills a little, but forgot to mention that they consisted mostly of ruining companies and costing a lot of Americans their jobs and pensions.
    And their whole new mantra for the republican party; ‘We built it’ was based on taking one line from an Obama speech, cutting it in half, and taking it out of context. They didn’t build the roads and bridges their company uses to get its products to other places, or the post office they use to ship stuff to other places. That is all Obama was ever saying. Our tax dollars built all that. Or what about the fact that our country is one country instead of two. Because we had a civil war. Our government did that, and the poor people fought to make it happen.
    Why do you keep getting me all riled up like this?

  4. Dabbling with Fox News could be dangerous, and why would you ever want to control your liberal bias. Nurture it. Cherish it. Flaunt it.

  5. gkinnard says:

    The Fox folks are nuts. Romney’s desperate. Ryan’s mean and energetic—he scares me the most.

    But . . . at least the ticket is not dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks GWB and his never-saw-a-bug-I-wouldn’t-stop-what-was-doing-to-pull-the-wings-off Cheney.

    • elroyjones says:

      With the advent of the TV in the bedroom we are joined by the revelers at the convention each night as I try to slumber. I am not impressed by the speakers or the message. Ryan is blatantly clawing his way up to the highest office in the land. I listened to Jeb Bush defend his brother’s record by invoking the sacred 9/11 mantra. 9/11 was tragic but it is OVER and it opened the door for annihilation of the Bill of Rights initiated by the Bush regime.

      We’ve all got to work to get the vote out for Obama.

      I love your “never-saw-a-bug…” description.

    • Doug says:

      I’m not sure which ticket tops dangerous …Bush/Cheney being Leo Strauss fueled, or Romney/Ryan whimsically dancing with Ayn Rand Objectivism.

  6. Doug says:

    I often go to Fox News just to check out the leg.

  7. Doug says:

    Oh and by the by..where be your twitter feed …this site.

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