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Leadership Investments

Rmoney proposes to lead, at least 53%, of the nation. He claims to be a champion of small business and in favor of closing tax loopholes. Governor Romney states that his offshore investments are legal. I found an article in … Continue reading

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Dear ‘Job Creators’,

Dear ‘Job Creators’,. Common sense from PouringMyArtOut.

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Sugar Substitute

I’m taking a sugar holiday. No treats. Very sad. I love sugar, especially chocolate flavored sugar. Like a patient losing the benefit of a drug’s efficacy, it’s good for me to be off sugar for a month so it will … Continue reading

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Another Idea

I don’t know how I found IPLEDGEAFALLEGIANCE but I’ve been amused by each visit. The following links lead to parts one and two of a great idea. Why Do We Elect Rich People? Stopping the Trickle

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50 Shades of Gratitude

50 Shades of Gratitude. Happy Friday!

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The alternate universe juxtaposition

Funny political commentary- The alternate universe juxtaposition.

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Photo Opportunity

Patrick Latter’s photography makes me want to be Somewhere Else. His work blows me away.

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