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Leadership Investments

Rmoney proposes to lead, at least 53%, of the nation. He claims to be a champion of small business and in favor of closing tax loopholes. Governor Romney states that his offshore investments are legal. I found an article in … Continue reading

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Dear ‘Job Creators’,

Dear ‘Job Creators’,. Common sense from PouringMyArtOut.

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Sugar Substitute

I’m taking a sugar holiday. No treats. Very sad. I love sugar, especially chocolate flavored sugar. Like a patient losing the benefit of a drug’s efficacy, it’s good for me to be off sugar for a month so it will … Continue reading

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Another Idea

I don’t know how I found IPLEDGEAFALLEGIANCE but I’ve been amused by each visit. The following links lead to parts one and two of a great idea. Why Do We Elect Rich People? Stopping the Trickle

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50 Shades of Gratitude

50 Shades of Gratitude. Happy Friday!

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The alternate universe juxtaposition

Funny political commentary- The alternate universe juxtaposition.

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Photo Opportunity

Patrick Latter’s photography makes me want to be Somewhere Else. His work blows me away.

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Stockholm Beckons

Well, it’s not exactly Stockholm but the prestige associated with the Golden Grin Award is equivalent to the Nobel. Bestowed by the irrepressible Award Czar (czar is only one letter away from crazy), the award is, I am told, much … Continue reading

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Lofty Standards

I lived my single life, including an ill-fated previous marriage, and sadly, all, yes all means every single one, of the other romantic alliances prior to this one, balancing on the narrow, crumbling, pinnacle of the moral high ground contorted in … Continue reading


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Imaginative Truth

The embassy attacks have been a logistical success. We’ve all heard of embassies staffed by spies; CIA, KGB, SIS, Mossad. It doesn’t strike me as unreasonable to entertain the possibility that wealthy Americans have funded the attacks to undermine current … Continue reading

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