Obama’s Focus

I read Michael Scherer’s TIME interview with President Obama this afternoon. Barack Obama has not changed his focus from 2008. He is working diligently to restore financial security and stability to the American middle class.

Every, single, time the man has opened his mouth in the past four years it has been in support of the middle class. Now it is time for the middle class to support Barack Obama, President of the United States of America.


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17 Responses to Obama’s Focus

  1. Doug says:

    There are some who believe a one man one vote democracy can function without a mobile middle class. I’m not one of ’em. Countries go through the constitutional orders. It took years to move this nation from a nation state to a welfare state. And with the Information age we have the opportunity to move to the “market state.” But until we tweak the welfare state we run the risk of backsliding to high tech feudalism.

    And when I say welfare state, I’m not just talking middle class “earned benefits.” I also suggest the corporate welfare of tax cuts and subsidies to Big Oil, Agra-Bizz, the IT industry, one could go on.

    If you think universal heath care is a right, I’m happy for ya…but what it really is…it’s good for business. If personal savings, capacity for debt, and economic mobility were not subject to the roulette wheel of black or white bust due to a disease, how many more individuals would ante up to entrepreneurialism. Small business on a global scale would burn through bandwidth. Bandwidth, by the way, subsidized by the welfare state.

    Ironically, for every dollar the GOP removes from investing in education, infrastructure, and big picture R and D, they slow the nation from moving to that market state. And prop up the need for the welfare state.

    Sorry for going on.

  2. gkinnard says:

    IMHO, a problem with ‘some’ in the middle class is that they don’t just want things good, they want things perfect—and done for them. That may sound harsh—like I’ve converted to the other side—but jeeeez, some folks need to get off their butts and do some of the lifting if they want Obama to stay in there. He’s not going to just walk right into a win working all by himself.

    PS–Doug is cool, isn’t he?

  3. sigh. That was just because I don’t want your head to explode.

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