Fundamentalist Fringe

I have been sporadically disgruntled by life in these United States over the past four years. I have been impatient and battle fatigued. Continued corporate coddling and the disdain of the upper echelons in those same subsidized industries goads me nearly into apoplexy. Happy endings do not abound but justice prevails, plodding along, one foot after the other.

I should have known better than to fall so hard for the Obama vision of peace and equality for all. He is after all, just a man. There have been disappointments. I’ve had terrible temper tantrums in which I sought to disappoint him in the same way he disappointed me. I accused him of selling us out. He hasn’t, he’s the same as he always was- logical, true to his convictions, remaining calm in chaos, dignified and balanced.

President Obama believes in women’s equality, walking beside men, not behind them. The contrast between him and the fundamentalist fringe of the Republican right is breathtaking.

If I disagreed with everything else the man has done, I would support him because he supports a woman’s sovereignty over her own body.

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7 Responses to Fundamentalist Fringe

  1. None of us men miss the days when, if you started to talk about your opinions or politics, we would just pat you on the fanny and tell you to “go get us a drink, hon.”
    Okay, obviously that is what the other side wants when they talk about going back to the ‘good old days’, but not us enlightened guys.

    • elroyjones says:

      The last man who behaved that way got a drink in has lap and I lost my job at McDougal’s in the Union Bank building in SD.

      Without you enlightened guys supporting the cause there would have been a whole generation of Bobbitt amputees. In the words of the immortal (some of the best commercials ever!) Bartles and Jaymes, “Thank you for your support.”

  2. I’d comment, but I’m afraid you’ve got your oar out.

  3. Amen — and as I listen to his speech, and that of VP Joe Biden, I hear that hope and that determination that originally drew me to Obama. Watch out, Republicans —

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