Leadership Investments

Rmoney proposes to lead, at least 53%, of the nation. He claims to be a champion of small business and in favor of closing tax loopholes. Governor Romney states that his offshore investments are legal. I found an article in Mother Jones that describes the ethical compromises in offshore investments.

Shady investments, by sketchy people, sometimes support genocidal regimes. Who can ever forget the blood diamonds of Sierra Leone?

It is entirely reasonable for the People to demand their leader to invest 100% in the United States of America.

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10 Responses to Leadership Investments

  1. And maybe he could even invest some of it with me. Kick butt, Elroy.

  2. Too bad they no longer listen to us… sigh…

  3. judithatwood says:

    That man and his whole gang are liars who want nothing for or from Americans but more tax money!

  4. gkinnard says:

    The guy is hopelessly mired in quicksand—of his own making.

  5. gold account says:

    Some of those sorts of shady clients have been part of Romney’s portfolio at Bain. Nicholas Shaxson has written one of the most comprehensive stories about Romney’s offshore investments in a lengthy article in the August issue of Vanity Fair . It explored the nature of some of Romney’s early Bain investors. They included the late Czech-born British media tycoon Robert Maxwell, a fraudster and notorious tax evader who put $2 million into one of Romney’s first Bain funds, as well as a trio of anonymous corporations from another notorious tax haven, Panama. Other early investors, according to numerous news accounts, were members of the wealthy Salvadoran oligarchy with ties to right-wing death squads. Romney has credited Salvadoran investors for helping him get his company off the ground.

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