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R Words

I follow misslisted, who is an honest, evocative writer. She inadvertently prompted me to write about something that is commonly considered, painfully, private. In today’s political climate it is a dirty, shameful, degenerate, character flaw. I was raped. Thirty-four years … Continue reading


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Time Out

It’s no secret that I am socially liberal. Here, in my small universe, I say whatever I want because I am the Supreme Ruler. This election season has been filled with strident voices from both camps. I have tried to … Continue reading

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Marginal Thought

Apparently, government has learned nothing from the heartless, shameful response to Hurricane Katrina. Mayor Bloomberg, with all the sensitivity of a gnat (apologies to the noble gnat), responded when questioned about the inmates at Rikers Island, “Rikers Island, the land is up … Continue reading

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Moving Money

The best first step in restoring balance to the budget, and removing disparity induced discord, is to eliminate the carried interest loophole from the tax code. First, a simple explanation of carried interest and the way it provides unfair and … Continue reading

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Long Road to Ruin

Long Road to Ruin. Sound, objective, political points to consider. Is the sky falling?

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Casual Confidential

I am casually acquainted with a man, who is falling apart before my eyes. I meet him on the sidewalk where he tells me what malady has recently befallen him. I can’t remember how the casual confidences began. Recently, we … Continue reading

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I promised I would write about him some day

I promised I would write about him some day. A lesson in gratitude; it will open your heart wide for the writer and her subject. Everyone on the planet should have the grace of such an experience. Compassion is often … Continue reading

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Richard Daybell Strikes Again Richard reveals the sad truth in voter indecision.

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Gravitas. A case for demanding integrity from politicians applying for positions in government stewardship. We’re getting exactly what we deserve in sitting back accepting what we’re given.

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Gone Forever

There was a shooting here in the hamlet today. It made me think of Oakley. The next thing I knew, I was listening to REM and doing a Google search for Oakley J. Smith, hoping to find a photograph of … Continue reading

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