During the presidential debate on Wednesday night, Governor Rmoney seemed to stress the fact that the Affordable Care Act has a provision for an “unelected” review board permitting or denying healthcare and treatment.

What Rmoney does not tell us, in his praise of private insurance and Medicare vouchers, is that many private insurance companies have “unelected” boards in place already, underwriting policies and managing risk. There are procedures, treatments, and diagnostics that currently require preauthorization. In fact, the process has its own moniker- Prior Authorization.

Rmoney professes concern for the evils of government driven healthcare. He fails to mention the existing exploitation, of the sick, when private industry makes decisions that override the doctor/patient relationship.


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9 Responses to ObamaCare

  1. Oh… I get it… Rmoney is not a typo at all…
    You weren’t expecting him to be honest, were you?

  2. gpicone says:

    If they repeal Obamacare my daughter will have no healthcare. And that will be a good thing for whom?

  3. gkinnard says:

    “ACA” is all about best practices: striving for quality cost-effective healthcare, not simply denying services as a way of saving money. There is no omnipotent 15-member, unelected, healthcare denying panel in ACA. Romney was/is simply pandering to the base by running the “death panel” flag up the pole again to see who salutes it.

    Your third paragraph is spot-on. And, and, and, will be the law of the land if RyanCare is put in place. Medicare Advantage will be the only option for those under 55. That means you will have a choice of HMOs, PPOs, and likely PFFSs (they suck). There will be no TRADITIONAL Medicare for those under 55. You WILL have a panel deciding your healthcare options and you will need to learn the art filing appeals on top of appeals to get what you want.

    Regarding Medicare, costs do have to be reigned in—there’s no doubt about that. I can tell you horror stories about the prices I’ve seen Medicare pay for equipment and services. One way ACA will deal with this by cutting the reimbursement rate for physicians and hospitals that perform poorly. If the docs and hospitals do a crappy job they’re not going to be rewarded for it anymore by having their claims rubber stamped and paid in full.

    What I can tell you on penalty of being struck by lightning if I’m lying is: “There are no cuts to Medicare BENEFITS in the Affordable Care Act.” You may quote me on this if you wish!

    I do tend to go on, don’t I? Sorry! Great post!

    • elroyjones says:

      No there’s no “death panel” and that was a cheap trick. There is an advisory board that seeks to save without compromising services. It shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve worked in the admin. offices of a hospital and waste was astounding, none of the overspending had anything to do with patient care and safety!

      • Of course, there will be death panels. Not only that but Obamacare will create more joblessness, the middle class will have a $4,000 tax increase, the sun will stop shining — all because we elected a black, Muslim, nonAmerican who had the audacity to interrupt the tenure of the ruling class. His skinny little ass is out come November.

  4. elroyjones says:

    Nothing worse than a smart black man. I loved everything he said about his grandmother while he was defending ObamaCare. He will not be out in November. Although, there is the potential for this to be the most crooked election in history. Sproul is out there forging registration for the GOP.

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