Rude Ridiculous Romney

I don’t know who first said “ain’t got no couth” but it was a favored family expression to describe the obvious when I was growing up. I watched the debate last night. I’ve come to the conclusion that Rmoney “ain’t got no couth”. The man is so rude. Mind you, Obama held forth for longer than the time allotted but he wasn’t blatantly rude.

I wear a Women for Obama button as I go about my business. Women stop me, every time I’m out, to tell me they will be voting for Obama. Some will vote for him because they share his idealism, others will vote for him because they believe the working class will be forsaken (a nicer f word than the one I started out with) by Rmoney, and others will vote for him because they simply do not like Rmoney.

I must admit I am weary of the inane argument that Obama should have solved the economic woes of this country in less than four years. Let’s think about this just a short while longer. Rhetorical question- Have you ever been trapped in a financial bureaucratic nightmare, e.g., defaulted student loan debt, unpaid child support/alimony, owed back taxes, had a debt to a loan shark or my enterprising sister?

If you’ve experienced any of those things, as an individual, you can understand the total disdain Rmoney has for the intellect of the average voter. He would have us believe, and we are too smart to believe unsubstantiated proclamations, that it should have been possible to correct the financial disaster, that nearly destroyed this country and the world economy, in approximately 36 months.

Think how long it takes for one person to recover from bankruptcy- 7 years. How long would it take to pay a credit card balance of $3,000.00 at 25% interest, paying $100.00 per month- 4 years. I do not feature being ruled by a man as pretentious and presumptuous as Rmoney.

I’m a Woman for Obama- I think, therefore I vote.

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15 Responses to Rude Ridiculous Romney

  1. They drove the car off the cliff and then complain that we aren’t parallel parking it fast enough.

    • elroyjones says:

      We are complicit in the car wreck because many of us were at the mall while the Bush regime stole our future. We should have descended on Washington, in masses, after the debacle that was Katrina and it was publicized on the evening news that society’s poor are both marginal and disposable.

  2. judithatwood says:

    And thank providence that you are a woman for Obama — may I ask where you got the button? I’d like to wear one — I don’t much like Romney, the person, and I felt sorry for him looking so stupid in front of the whole world. Just for contrast, I slipped over to Fox News — Bill O’Riley just kept pounding on the whole “act of terror” issue. Do they, the conservative, Republican, reactionary assholes, believe they could sway my vote over something that trivial? But it seems like that is all they have. If Romney continues this prep school, George W. Bush wanna-be act, how can even the most socially and fiscally conservative voter must admit he’s not a viable candidate.

    • elroyjones says:

      The button came from a jar at the local Democrats’ office. I am lucky enough to live in the county seat so the office is a short walk from where I live. As you mentioned, he can’t possibly be a viable candidate to the reasonable person but he is the last man standing so the GOP is stuck with him.

  3. misslisted says:

    My 17-year-old daughter was so disgusted with how rude and ill-mannered Romney was last night. I didn’t watch the debate with her, but she was ranting about it to me tonight. It’s always interesting to hear my kids talk about politics.

  4. gkinnard says:

    Very well said—as usual! Even thought Romney is filthy &%$#@+= rich, I felt sorry for him in the beginning. He seemed so pathetic trying so hard to get attention amongst the field of . . . righteous . . . folks. He wanted the job soooo bad, but he was a moderate, and a [insert audible gasp] Mormon. I figured the Bible Belt would never, ever nominate a non-Christian* (a pre-nomination definition, of course).

    But when you have all that money, all that gall, all that hate, and are willing to do and say ANYTHING, I guess the party faithful deemed him worthy of a second look.

    I do not like this disrespectful bully at all and I can’t wait to see him go the way of Palin and the Dodo Bird.

  5. Doug says:

    Hey ain’t no big thing when an economy, the size of the good old US of A, contracts by 10 percent. And what’s a little cluster-F%^k of constant obstruction by a political faction that places party above country. And why not return to some patriarchal creed that suggest woman should just shut the hell up and self-deport to the kitchen. Get ready for that transvaginal probe and a codification of second class citizenship ladies, the GOP is now the Phallocratic Party.

    Wear that button proudly.

  6. I’d love to see you on a stage with Etch-a-Mitt — with your oar, of course.

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