Suspenseful Gratification

Richard Daybell has done it again. He posted a terrific short story BUT he did it in three parts, the second and third parts lagging way  behind. The irksome thing about it was, we had to wait for the second and third parts while he attended a ping pong tournament- he doesn’t even like ping pong, so you know he kept us waiting for his own amusement.

Being KIND HEARTED and GOOD NATURED, I am linking all three parts, in order, so you don’t have to wait, biting your nails in anxious compulsion, the way I did.




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3 Responses to Suspenseful Gratification

  1. I am never going to drink cranberry juice again… but I still might make the salad with the dried cranberries and blue cheese crumbles and chicken strips and nuts. I am not a strong willed person.

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