Sunday Snippets

I got the pink sweater at a thrift shop for $20, a couple of summers ago. It’s hand knit and has a pewter button at the neck. Women continually stop me to inquire on its origins. I relish disclosing what a deal I got on it; there’s a lot of envy respect that comes with a bargain.

At the grocery store, today, I got as many compliments on my Obama button as I did on the pink cardigan. I was encouraged to hear the cashier, who couldn’t have attained the ripe old age of 21, say that she would seriously consider moving to Canada if Obama does not win the election. She told me all of her friends are voting for Obama; ditto the descendants and the Red Haired Philosopher. It seems as though the youth vote will come out for this election.

I watched Race 2012 on PBS this afternoon. I was enlightened and horrified. I know that class disparity is often disguised as race disparity but I didn’t understand completely who is most guilty of both class and race discrimination- it’s white people my age and older.

They don’t want to help people who look different than they do. They don’t like people who are of different ethnic backgrounds nor are they disposed to kindliness toward the poor. They believe that improving society and building economic security for others will somehow diminish their own. In their self-righteous, superiority, they’ve forgotten that young ethnic and poor workers are contributing to their financial security as they drain the system in ever increasing numbers.

I also watched a debate between the Republican and Democrat candidates for the House of Representatives.  When asked about raising the federal minimum wage, the Republican, a small business owner, said that raising the minimum wage would hurt business owners. Hmmmmm, if you’re in business and you’re only paying the people working with you minimum wage, you should be hurt, or maybe you shouldn’t be in business.

That’s enough from my socialist, commie, pinko self. I’m off to watch Moyers & Company’s Plutocracy Rising, which may correspond with a rise in blood pressure.

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25 Responses to Sunday Snippets

  1. I love your pinko socialism! Go, baby, Go!

  2. I just remembered — your commie pinko words reminded me of Charlie Danieols singing Uneasy Rider. This song came out when I was thirteen, and I knew every word. Decades have past, and I had to Google those words to find the song, but once I heard it, it all came back!

  3. Ditto, for your socialist, commie, pinko oar-wielding self.

  4. I am very worried about the election. But not as worried as I am about that pink sweater… ha…

  5. Doug says:

    We will after tonight know who will win this election. If Romney can continue his, I’m a centrist bullshit , and not get called hard on it. I think it over with a GOP win.

    • elroyjones says:

      We will be so fucked if that man gets elected. We know of a lot of business owners who will vote for RMoney but I am seeing more and more Obama signs and stickers everywhere.

  6. Did you wear your turban?

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