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I am me, and I approve this message…

I am me, and I approve this message…. Terrific political/marketing satire from our friend PMAO.

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Thought Experiment…Shut It All Down.

Thought Experiment…Shut It All Down. An interesting proposition.

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Sunday Snippets

I got the pink sweater at a thrift shop for $20, a couple of summers ago. It’s hand knit and has a pewter button at the neck. Women continually stop me to inquire on its origins. I relish disclosing what … Continue reading

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Suspenseful Gratification

Richard Daybell has done it again. He posted a terrific short story BUT he did it in three parts, the second and third parts lagging way  behind. The irksome thing about it was, we had to wait for the second … Continue reading

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Public Service

This public service message is brought to you by Big Bird and his friends at PBS. Frontline had a great neutral piece, The Choice 2012. It was informative and unbiased. I do not like Governor Romney, I do not trust him, … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Sheets

In September my husband started asking for the “fuzzy” sheets. When would I put them back on the bed, would I put them back this week, could we please have them pretty soon? I don’t like to be too warm. … Continue reading

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The Cure

Obama is BACK! He hit his stride today. RMoney does not flip-flop, no the poor dear has a condition, a pre-existing chronic condition- Romnesia. Not to worry, President Obama assures us it is covered under ObamaCare and can be cured … Continue reading

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Dear Fundamentalists,

Dear Fundamentalists,. An open letter from PouringMyArtOut; it’s good, I wish I’d written it.

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Rude Ridiculous Romney

I don’t know who first said “ain’t got no couth” but it was a favored family expression to describe the obvious when I was growing up. I watched the debate last night. I’ve come to the conclusion that Rmoney “ain’t … Continue reading

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Different Views

I like to go Somewhere Else from time to time. The first time I lived Somewhere Else, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I hated to think my life had become so limited. I moved away from, and … Continue reading

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