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Year End

It is the end of the year. I am working compiling forms and figures for the bureaucrats. It vexes me and colors everything in my world. For instance, my husband, in his infinite wisdom, took the damn shovel with him … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Pay

A Teacher’s Letter. I know a teacher who was asked to speak to her junior high students in the aftermath of the shooting. She explained to the kids that she understood the distress surrounding the tragedy and she also told … Continue reading

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Mom’s Perspective

I saw this mom’s link on Harper Faulkner’s blog; I read the piece, you should read it too. I am disgusted by the relentless 24 hour news cycle and subsequent vulgarity forced upon the grief stricken in this country. The … Continue reading

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NoonTime Photography Gallery

Shameless Self-Promotion: Day 1. Photographs from John- a gift for the person who “has everything”.

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Channeling Jacob Marley

The most unspoiled Yuletide holiday I’ve ever spent was with somebody else’s family. The somebody else, acquainting me with his family, wasn’t even there. The holiday was wonderful because I was totally removed from their family dynamics. Family dynamics, the … Continue reading


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Home Shoeless

I watched the brother of the shoeless NYC resident, living on the street, on the news the other night. Like many others, I was happily inspired by the police officer’s generosity in buying the man a pair of boots. Like … Continue reading

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The Ornament

Our Christmas tree has been up since the 2nd. I have imagined the same thing you’re imagining now, needles all over the carpet by the 25th, baring a tree that is combustion waiting to happen. Usually, I am an organized … Continue reading

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December 1st

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