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Sunrise & Deer


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New England Dissected

New England Dissected. We can’t be confined to just one state.

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Old Letters

My youngest sister found a small packet of letters, I sent to Mum in 1986 when I was in the Coast Guard, among her things. She threatened promised to send them to me. They arrived yesterday. I opened the first one … Continue reading

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Today’s Quote

Many thanks to Doug for pointing the way to this zinger from Charles P. Pierce on Esquire’s Politics Blog- “We are not free because we are individuals, the president told them, daring them to hold two ideas in their heads … Continue reading

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The Sire

Now on Amazon: THE SIRE by M.S. Fowle.

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Presidential Inauguration

I am a party pooper. I’m all about an EXTRAVAGANT party the first time a person is elected, doing the limbo, a little macarena, a quick hustle (oh wait, we did a lot of that during the campaign), a two … Continue reading

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Fran’s Thoughts

Lilly could be such a venomous bitch! The problem with Maurice and her money was not Fran’s fault. He’d tricked her, saying that her house would be used for collateral to expand his plumbing business. Fran loved him. Of course … Continue reading

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