Lilly and Fran III

Lilly called Lexie that afternoon to see if she had time to meet after work. The one undeniable accomplishment in Fran’s life was Alexandra. Lilly loved that kid. Fran had made some stupid choices but entering the union that produced Lexie wasn’t one of them; she should have stayed put. Fran was generous to share her with Lilly, allowing her all of the joys of parenthood with none of the blame. In Lilly’s heart, Lexie would always be her little princess. She could hardly believe that she was set to marry her prince.

Lexie arrived, in a burst of fresh air, and rushed over to hug Lilly while simultaneously wriggling out of her coat. “Hi Lilly! What’s up? I talked with Mom and she said you bit her head off over Maurice and the missing money, are you still mad?” Lexie’s speech strung together when she was excited or apprehensive. Often she had to tell her, “Slow down, Lex, so I can process.” Lilly looked over at her, still young and sparkly with dreams and wishes yet to come true “No, I’m not mad or even surprised. Let’s have a drink and we will discuss.”

As they talked, Lexie disclosed that she and Ben had never wanted a big wedding, that they had hoped for something small and romantic. The revelation didn’t surprise Lilly nor did it surprise her that the extravaganza was Fran’s idea. Fran projected her dreams onto Lex, and Lexie, being the devoted daughter that she was, acquiesed to make her mother’s dreams come true. Lexie would be having her day, her way. As they hugged goodbye, Lilly reiterated, “Talk with Ben, you kids choose a destination for your wedding, then call me.”


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  1. Awesome. Stupid wordpress is putting things in my reader out of order…

  2. Okay. I’m catching up now. Write on.

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