Presidential Inauguration

I am a party pooper. I’m all about an EXTRAVAGANT party the first time a person is elected, doing the limbo, a little macarena, a quick hustle (oh wait, we did a lot of that during the campaign), a two stepping line dance, twisting the night awaaaay.

The second time around should be a quiet tasteful affair (like a second wedding), a short parade, the ceremony, a shorter speech, lunch, then back to the office to get caught up on emails and briefings.

The cost of the festivities doesn’t trouble me since they are, for the most part, funded by donors. I don’t know who the donors are. I’m hoping they’re ordinary Americans buying cupcakes at bake sales and patronizing car washes held all over the country to raise money for the big day, like the prom.

Along with term limits and an end to party conventions, the time has come for an end to elaborate second inauguration celebrations.


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22 Responses to Presidential Inauguration

  1. Every party needs a pooper. I say we do away with first time fancy inauguration parties. And limit terms to two weeks.

  2. John says:

    You are a party popper! I think we need to extend the celebrations: a whole week, everyone can be off, and lots of drunken debauchery. (Actually, I don’t really care, I just wanted an excuse to use the word debauchery.)

  3. Peggy says:

    Obama is getting flack for using public money for this inauguration, something he was against the first time around when he raised all the money himself. Very disappointing. Here’s just one cost:
    $4.2 million – Dollars the architect of the Capitol has allotted to spruce up the grounds, including platform construction, bleachers and barricades.

  4. Any party called a “ball” is overdone. Being a party pooper myself, I would sit in a corner and get quietly drunk.

  5. I actually agree with your “second time’s the calmer one” thing… I think it would be more appropriate for something like this… good point!

  6. M.S. Fowle says:

    I’ve never actually taken the time to watch an entire inauguration, but I’m DVRing this one – because my little brother will be marching in the parade. Honestly, that’s probably all I’ll watch.

  7. judithatwood says:

    Surprisingly, I agree. I am usually a big ritual person, but round two needn’t be as extravagant as round one — so many more important things to do.

  8. sacha1nch1 says:

    there was mention of this inauguration on our televsions and wirelesses….i assumed we were getting it late, like the next series of homeland or something; there seemed a long old time between getting the job and starting it!

  9. George says:

    Well said! Can I add that we should also be done with all things Beyoncé?

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