New England Dissected

New England Dissected. We can’t be confined to just one state.

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7 Responses to New England Dissected

  1. John says:

    What a great read! My mom is a New Englander — a Rhode Islander to be precise. We have relatives and friends in all of the New England states. It is interesting how New Englanders are very …defensive?… of where they come from. If you say to someone “You’re from New Hampshire?” and they’re actually from Maine, it’s almost as if you’ve insulted them.

    I’m pretty good at distinguishing the accents and patterns of speech between the New England regions.

    • elroyjones says:

      HE Ellis nailed it in the piece. It’s so funny! I’m from New England having spent part of my childhood in CT, another part in ME, time in VT at my grandparents’ summer place, and a few years in NH as an adult. I’m not loyal to any particular state but I do have an affinity for the region.

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