Lawyers, Drones & Money

I voted for Obama. He appears to be a good human being, who is acting unethically if not illegally.

Moyers & Company highlights the use of drones. The Center for Constitutional Rights continues to fight for individual freedoms, protected by the Constitution, and for universal Human Rights.

Matt Taibbi writes for Rolling Stone. He provides intelligent enlightenment on the incestuous governmental-financial forces, that are destroying the United States, and the immunity from justice enjoyed by those in power. We are living in dangerous times.

We will get what we deserve if we continue to accept what we’re given.

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17 Responses to Lawyers, Drones & Money

  1. strange how people who voted for this THUG are just now waking up to buyers remorse… those who didn’t already KNEW these things about him because we were interested in facts and truth rather than hope and change. makes you wonder on what basis you made your decision to vote for him in november. even so… we are all in for a bumpy 4 yrs of more contempt for the people, the law and the constitution from this president who has no more to lose.

    • elroyjones says:

      I was critical of President Obama through his first term. I do not believe he is a thug. His philosophy is more in line with mine in the issues that are relevant to my daily life.
      I believe the difference in taxation between rich and poor is disproportionately skewed in favor of the rich.
      Women should have sovereignty over their bodies as well as pay that is commensurate for their work.
      I do not believe undocumented immigrants should be punished for coming to this country searching for a better life. I believe we can institute humane policies to facilitate responsible immigration for those people who are already here.
      I believe society has a responsibility to its members who are too frail to care for themselves.
      I believe in universal health care.
      I DO NOT believe corporations are people.
      I DO NOT believe war is the answer to anything.
      I DO NOT regret my vote.
      I feel fortunate that, at this moment in time, democracy allows me to criticize President Obama’s policies without fear of retribution.
      Let us not forget the last two term president who nearly devastated the country and the world financial markets because he had nothing to lose.
      Thanks very much for commenting.

      • my point was that you are only now realizing Obama is not who he said he is. i’m not the enemy and you shouldn’t aim your embarassment and insecurity at being wrong about him. notice that i didn’t attack you, why would you attack me?
        you are now facing that you were lied to and fooled into believing in someone who you thought was trustworthy. now that Obama is showing his true authoritarian/facist personality, we are all in the same boat. they used all the propaganda they could to divide the people against each other, many of which you just spewed out at me without even thinking that i didn’t mention them in my comment. a campaign of emotion, jealousy, fear and hatred got us this mess. now unfortunately we got the president YOU voted for because he didn’t want you thinking about the Real issues. now we are ALL screwed.

      • elroyjones says:

        My point is that I am not “only now” realizing anything about Obama. I prefer this president over Rmoney all day long.
        In fact, I have been following the real issues very closely for all of my adult life.
        If you look under the Politics category in the side bar you will see that the nefarious misdeeds of government have not escaped my notice.
        I believe in disclosure so I posted my positions on the issues so you’d be aware of them.

  2. Thank you much for offering this realistic approach to Obama and his presidency. We cannot afford to goosestep to the Left any more than we should to the Right. Bill Moyers consistently speaks the truth and brings people to his show who have the evidence for it. I have long had a problem with understanding how he tucks his girls in at night, knowing he’s responsible for the death of almost 300 children in Pakistan alone whose parents have had that stolen from them.

    • elroyjones says:

      Agreed, Teresa. It totally freaks me out that our government is involved in clandestine activities that kill innocent people. The unfortunate truth is we will ALL die eventually. The ONLY thing that matters is how we treat the other humans. Power and money are meaningless in the face of suffering and death.

  3. I’d like to add: yes, he is the lesser of two evils we were offered, but I have also grown very weary of being left with that choice.

  4. i wasn’t commenting on your positions. i was commenting on your post. i thought that was an appropriate thing to do. you’re the one who unconsciously ‘knee jerked’ about other issues.

    • elroyjones says:

      Yes, you did comment about the post and you commented on my critical thinking abilities in voting for Obama- “makes you wonder on what basis you made your decision to vote for him in november.” I responded to your rhetorical question by disclosing many of the reasons I voted for him, including some of my personal beliefs.

  5. I love Mr. Taibbi on the Bill Mahr… Maher? show. He is smart and funny. Like you.

  6. Doug says:

    This drone bone is about Deep Politics. Not the high comedy of suggesting POTUS is a thug. With the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, and since the national security state was codified in the late 1940’s, all Presidents have been thugs. By definition the Commander-In-Chief’s first duty, when the need be, is to take names and kick ass, and since the Cold War that name taking and ass kickin’ have often taken place… clandestine and extra legal. In some cases, rightly so. In others, who the hell knows.

    And yes, this damn “War On A Tactic” has and most likely will further erode our civil rights. And all who yodel loud about that are absolutely singing my kind of song. But Deep Politics is like a concept album. One track can often mislead you about the whole.

    When Rep Michele Bachmann was named to the House Intelligence Committee didn’t that clue you that there is another deeply secret and most likely bicameral Intelligence committee dealing with the really deep shit. And maybe some dark, darker, darkest in-camera black robe signing the warrant to kill some bat shit crazy american citizen that’s cozied too close to Jihad.

    And consider, please, that the US is about to draw down in Afghanistan. A very dangerous undertaking indeed. Just ask the Russians how that can go. And the document in question seems written for one audience. After reading that… Boom…ain’t no big thing… we don’t need no stinking badges…POTUS just points and body parts fly, be they a US citizen’s arm and leg, or thirty or so sorry ass Taliban.

    After reading that the buck stops with the “thug” or his designee to rain pain from 2000 feet with but a nod…those breaks to watch bootlegged american US porn, while meeting to plan how to fuck with US interest, those breaks just don’t seem long enough.

    And forget that thing about capturing some american infidels to use as human shields. That crazy Obama guy. He’s a real thug. A Chicago gangster.

    Sorry to go on so long. And I don’t mean to pick on Ms Bachmann. But I did find it telling.

    catch ya on flip side

    • elroyjones says:

      You are always welcome to go on as long as it takes.
      You make a good point in suggesting that the attention to drones is a diversion from other deadlier things.
      I’d like to see more coverage of the nefarious financial doings; specifically, the sham of ratings agencies that are paid by the banking community and the fact that Treasury and the Fed condoned it. It’s all old news; the way business has been done for decades
      To be perfectly frank, I preferred the oblivion prior to the 24/7 news cycle.
      Regarding the drawdown, my family is apprehensive since one of the nephews (only poor kids enlist during war time) will be deployed with his unit to participate in it. The Russians didn’t fare well and we won’t fare better.
      Like you, I don’t feature Obama portrayed as a “thug” but I do question the wisdom of the advice he is heeding.
      Ms. Bachman deserves all the scrutiny she gets and a little bit more.

  7. George says:

    A bad day with Obama is preferable to a good day with most any other presidential possibility. Cheney/Bush: we all recall that period of enlightened governance and absolute respect for the constitution—and human life as well.

    Please allow me to be cynical. What’s the difference in killing folks by drone, bullet, meat cleaver, or club? Dead is dead. We hope that we’re only getting the bad guys, but unless we’re standing right there in front of the person we wish to destroy, other folks get hurt. I wish that wasn’t true, but it is. [end cynicism]

    My hope is that we pick our wars more carefully in the future . . . and go to war much more slowly.

    • elroyjones says:

      So happy to hear from you, George!
      Yes, a bad day with Obama is better than a good day w/the Bush regime. Dead is dead as has been made abundantly clear right here in the US where there is no end to mass murders and executions. I hope future generations will find better ways to reconcile their differences. War is barbaric.

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