Targeting Whom?

Amy Davidson’s piece on The New entertains the question of targets and the fluid criteria for defining them.

p m carpenter’s commentary (thank you, Doug) offers a reminder that the People have the power to demand action from our elected Congress to stop this unconscionable  depravity.

Tom Junod at exposes murder to the unflattering light of day in his piece.

Could my dissident observations make me a target? Killing shouldn’t be easy.

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8 Responses to Targeting Whom?

  1. Anyone who gets in the way (of the “New World Order”) becomes a target… the only question (in my mind) is what do they consider ‘getting in the way’…

  2. I don’t even shop at Target…

  3. George says:

    Perhaps I’m naïve because I place great trust in this president and who he selects, but I’m fairly okay with this. I mean, I like it a whole lot better than picking a country, blowing the hell out of it, invading it, then sticking around to become targets as we rebuild it, become its police and military.

    And yes, I know this sounds like accepting the lesser of two evils.

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