Freshly Pressed

Harper Faulkner’s post “Why I Write” has been Freshly Pressed. I’m very happy to know that the multitudes share my discerning taste.

I got goosebumps when I read his piece. I hope you do too.


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9 Responses to Freshly Pressed

  1. When I get freshly pressed I will call my post; ‘the fresh press of Bellaire’…

  2. Having great blogging friends that read you and comment was the way I got Freshly Pressed! HF

    • elroyjones says:

      Are you sure, Harper?
      I think the FP Monarch looks down and says, “Why look at all the readers HF has amassed. I believe I’ll have to peruse his blog to see what these good people are reading.” After the Monarch reads for a while a proclamation issues forth throughout the land, “Harper is a damn good writer; start the Fresh Press!”
      I’m pretty sure that’s how lightening strikes. I could be wrong but, if I were, that would be an anomaly.

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