Happiness Appears

Let’s get the preface out of the way; perhaps, in the future we can all take it for granted. I have been working very hard.

I’ve been doing some cool things. Our business has a website, which was fine for its time but is something we have outgrown. As you may recall, I raised my voice at a salesman, from a TV station where we advertise, because he tried, unsuccessfully, to bamboozle me. In my search for quality improvement, I found a fresh, edgy, design firm. I attended a webinar, emailed them, and had a short consult with one of their reps who told me they develop sites via WP. She didn’t charge me for the consult; although, she did send me a proposal for $3500. The guy at the TV station wanted $5600. You know, I have some control issues so I just did it myself. I’ve learned a LOT over the past few days. Who knew there would ever be reason to map a domain? How long have I lived without shift return? I can disable comments on pages by doing a quick edit! I know some of you have talents and I almost sought help except I like to do things by myself. I wish I could understand,  and change, code without feeling like I will hurl.

You may remember there is a young family just up the street from here. A sweet collection of people, sharing DNA, who I do not see nearly enough of in the winter. I’ve seen the mom and the kids a couple of times lately. This weekend when I saw her, she told me after she and Tanner saw me the other day he told her that I was “always very cheerful”. I am not exaggerating when I say I love that kid; he’s a little old man in an 8 year-old body.

The blizzard trapped me here for four days last week. I am not a fan of snow. When I finally escaped the confines of Hippy Hill to do errands, I was surprised and delighted at the post office. I don’t know how or why we meet the people we do. I don’t understand how total strangers, people I’ve never seen that is, can bring such unrestrained joy to my life but they do. Nestled in the PO box, sandwiched between invoices and advertisements, was a gift of Garden & Gun magazine. For a split second I was befuddled, then I remembered and I laughed out loud in the PO lobby with the delight of being thought of.

My niece is coming this week. She wants to go out to eat with us and the descendants, like we used to when they were younger. She considers my husband’s sons her family. More often than not, I consider them the bane of my existence. I love that they all get along so well. She sticks up for them when I’m mad and she sticks up for my husband when they’re selfish. It’s a nice balance. I can’t wait to see her. She landed her dream job, found herself an apartment with hardwood floors in a nice 1920s building, and bought some furniture. She bought, if you can imagine, a mirrored dresser. It sounds a lot worse than it looks. I know she doesn’t get that Liberace taste from me. I don’t care. I’ll be so happy to see her that I’ll get her a chandelier for the bathroom if that’s what she wants.

I hope, wherever you are, happiness finds you too.

About elroyjones

Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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13 Responses to Happiness Appears

  1. George says:

    WOW! Off the charts cool! I am very happy for you—and impressed as hell by the whole code/design/domain-mapping thing—you go Kid!

  2. What a joy-filled post! I can feel your happiness from here. And from what I know about you, that website stuff will be mastered in no time.

  3. Peggy says:

    VERY IMPRESSED by the computer work. Scres me to death just thinking about it. You are AMAZING! Your name continues to come up when I write on Saturdays. Spot yourself close to the bottom of the random thoughts: http://paintedparrot.blogspot.com/2013/02/random-things-by-25-writers.html. My random thoughts were all related to what music I was listening to when.

  4. Sometimes I feel like an 8 year-old in a little old man’s body…

  5. Doug says:

    So hey there one who toggles toggles and clicks and un-clicks radio boxes. Being “the” webmaster is empowering. And good for you that you decided to do it on your own. If I read correctly and your business site is WordPress, I offer the cryptic following. The great thing about WordPress is that it’s a great content management system. The bad thing about wordpress is just that fact. Content, ease of use, and information exchange is always the goal. But the wide array of options in a world class CMS can lead to multiple routes to get to basically the same place which makes for tough business, esthetic, and technical calls. You’ll be great at that. As for changing a bit of code here and there, go slow, but go.

    Enjoy your niece’s visit.

    back at ya soon


    • elroyjones says:

      I thought of you as I was bumbling through WP since you frequently make changes. I almost sent an SOS but I figured it out. We didn’t have CMS at the old site and I wanted to be able to make changes as the business changed. We’ve had difficulties getting exactly what we want. As my husband told me, “Nobody cares as much as we do and nobody knows our business as well.”
      I’ve caught the cryptic caution. The creative aspect is absorbing, similar to constantly rearranging the furniture. It’s challenging and the only thing, about work, that interests me at the moment.

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