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She sat up. She thought some more about it. She told herself it didn’t matter. She lied. It mattered but not in the way she’d expected it to. She wanted to know but knowing wouldn’t change anything fundamental. Neal had … Continue reading

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One of my earliest memories is of halyards clanging against masts at a marina on the Connecticut shore. I was definitely younger than eight. I don’t have a recollection of my little brothers in that episode of my life so … Continue reading

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Daybell’s Aunt Nancy IV

Daybell’s Aunt Nancy IV Big doings at Aunt Nancy’s!

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Daybell’s Aunt Nancy III

Events transpire at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ed’s house.

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7.1 Fare Game

7.1 Fare Game. An installment from a story by Mick McCoy.

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Daybell’s Aunt Nancy Part II

Mr. Daybell tells more in the continuing tale; join him for the most recent installment.

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With Love

Themes run through my life. The universe tries to show me things that I am not receptive to seeing. In an absolutely egotistical application, I enjoy believing that my way is the better way. Yes, I do. I always have; … Continue reading

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A Daybell Story

Read along as Richard Daybell tells the story of Aunt Nancy’s Burden.

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The Conversation

She hadn’t forgotten the relief scrawled all over James’s face when she picked him up in Myrtle Beach. He held her so tight she thought she’d break. She could feel him shudder as he choked back sobs. When she pulled … Continue reading

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The Call

James answered before the second ring. He stuttered when he said “Hello.” Cora got right to the point “Sadie said you’ve been calling. What did you want?” He was silent. She had no patience. “James, what is it that you … Continue reading


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