With Love

Themes run through my life. The universe tries to show me things that I am not receptive to seeing. In an absolutely egotistical application, I enjoy believing that my way is the better way. Yes, I do. I always have; from the first time I stepped on a soapbox, delivering the wisdom of the ages, at 14, to right now. I enjoy believing that I am judicious, accepting, and a generally stellar human being. Sometimes the universe kicks my ass.

Last weekend my husband and I went to see my niece. I love the person she is and I love that she loves us. She asked my husband for help in deciding whether or not to purchase a house. She stood back and watched him work, for her benefit, and she was relieved of worry. Anyhow, she bought me a present (my husband labors, I get the gift), and one for her mom, because “You guys have helped me a lot lately.” I could not resist saying, “You mean since you were born?” In her grateful exuberance, she took me to the store where she purchased the gifts, so I could see how cool it is and where I could purchase one for her too.

The store is very cool. The products are made from recycled materials, with love, in America. Twenty percent of the price paid for some of the products goes to charity- what’s not to like? I liked the concept so much that I bought three items. When I returned home, to my senses, I researched the company. I discovered that the CEO is a man, who has been a politician and is a Republican. I know. It upset me too. I developed a sick headache. How can a terrific product, made with love, by a company owned by a woman, be run by a Republican? I was distraught. I thought I should return my purchases. The phone rang.

It was a man I know in a business context, whose wife I adore. She’d been sick and was recovering, she was bored, would I call her? Of course, I called her. We talked and laughed at the irreverent things we said, for an hour, as Fox News blared from the background at her house. I hung up the phone feeling happier than I had before I called. She is one of my favorite people. She watches Fox News and she believes what she’s shown. We are different in that one small way. In all of the ways that matter, we are kindred spirits. We are traveling toward the same destination by different routes.

The company, run by the Republican, owned by a woman, selling products made, with love, in America is also traveling toward the same destination from a different route. I watched a TEDx Talk given by Giovanni Feroce, Italian immigrant, war veteran,  Republican, and CEO of Alex and Ani. He makes many valid points.

The universe kicked my ass and showed me, with love we will find more similarities and fewer differences.

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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40 Responses to With Love

  1. Bodesoda says:

    Oh how sweet it would be if we could all stop and look at the similarities and things that bind us and not the things that divide us, bravo to you for reminding all of us to take a step in that direction!

  2. John says:

    Very wise, the universe is. We’ve become so polarized that we forget those simple little lessons, like one’s political beliefs does not necessarily invalidate you as a human being — love, laugh, cry — we all do these things, and it’s those things that should pull us together, instead of whether you watch Fox or MSNBC.

  3. Kick it back, with love, I say.

  4. I hate it when I like republicans. For any reason.

  5. Even the brilliant can still learn…..well…be reminded of what they already really know.

  6. maesprose says:

    I find a democrat too far to the left can be just as annoying as a republican too far to the right. It’s like they meet at that point on the horizon and all I want to do is avoid them. Of course, if you are going to add “with love” I can probably handle anyone and yes – it is worth listening to what everyone has to say.

    • elroyjones says:

      Public service has become a cash cow for the elected elite of all stripes, including Independents. Altruism doesn’t enter the equation.
      Like you, I am offended by strident voices in any party.

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