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Tyrannical Freedom

I watched Glenn Greenwald on Moyers & Company last night. Government decides what is best for us. The ever complicit media tells us what to think, how to feel, and what to accept. Martial law was enacted in the aftermath of … Continue reading

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PARTY like a rubber chicken

Party at Daybell’s- free Harvey Wallbangers!

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Simple Reality

As you know, I am not a television fan. Mostly, it’s a waste of time. Television is a nerve jangling distraction in my quest to live a soothing life; a life floating on a cloud of calm, overlooking a sea … Continue reading

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Retirement Investing

The Retirement Gamble PBS Frontline– lessons to learn before it’s too late.

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Transcending Hate

The discourse surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings knots my stomach. I don’t understand how the brothers could target strangers. It is not possible to reconcile those actions and the permanent consequences they will have on hundreds of lives. I may … Continue reading


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Following Blindly

I’ve attracted a lot of pretend followers. Bloggers who aren’t there at all. Blogs that haven’t been filled in yet or blogs that are trying to sell me something. I try to visit the blog behind each new like or … Continue reading

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Quotables. We owe it to ourselves to consider the alternatives. I was disturbed by the things I found on this blog but I am better for having looked. We must find answers to the unthinkable questions.

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Claire Atkinson Urban Photography

Claire Atkinson takes compelling photographs of ordinary scenes. Her sense of humor is captivating. I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I have.

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Father McGeary

Father McGeary had been a navy chaplain and the chaplain at a women’s jail and detention center before he was assigned to the parish. He looked just like a stereotypical Southie mick because that’s who he was. He was the … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable Observations

My brother is very funny. He has a Foghorn Leghorn voice he uses to offer ironic commentary. His wife is Thai so is his son. He is a teacher. He is a hunter too. He called yesterday. We talked about … Continue reading

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