Different Worlds

A long time ago in a world far, far, away there lived two best friends. They were girls whose families had migrated, to the rural community where they met, from Somewhere Else.

In 1976, just a few years after Roe v. Wade, one of the girls became pregnant. She was from a good catholic family. She was very young. Her parents were worried about her future. A meeting was arranged with an empathetic OB-GYN, who flew his plane into the rural community once every month or two to provide medical care. At that time, in that world, three signatures were needed for a minor to have a pregnancy terminated. Three adult family members accompanied the girl to the meeting. The good catholic family solicited the parish priest for advice. He told the family he was sure they would go to hell for considering abortion. The young girl went home. She had her baby, and after the usual parental struggles and sacrifices, they lived happily ever after.

Her best friend may or may not have been pregnant at the same time. Her mother took her to see the family doctor, who told her that cessation of her menses was the result of a psychological sympathetic pregnancy mirroring her best friend’s condition. The family doctor scheduled an appointment for her with the OB-GYN the next time he flew his plane to the small rural community. She got up on the examining table and looked at the ceiling while the kind OB-GYN performed a D & C. She didn’t know what that was exactly but her doctor said she needed it. A couple of weeks later, at school, an ugly, mean girl said to her, “I heard you had an abortion at the medical center.” She didn’t know what the ugly, mean girl was talking about. She didn’t think about it again for several decades. Later, she realized that a psychological pregnancy wouldn’t require a D & C. She didn’t question her mother or the family doctor. She lived happily ever after too.

The girls remained good friends all of the days of their lives.

The End

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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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7 Responses to Different Worlds

  1. John says:

    Quite thought provoking…

  2. paralaxvu says:

    Unfortunately, there are still ugly mean girls around, and the ugly isn’t always physical. Decision still out on the parish priest.

  3. More thinking for me… good job.

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