Uncomfortable Observations

My brother is very funny. He has a Foghorn Leghorn voice he uses to offer ironic commentary. His wife is Thai so is his son. He is a teacher. He is a hunter too.

He called yesterday. We talked about the general unraveling of our society and guns. Foghorn Leghorn interrupted our conversation to remind me that while my brother taught gangbangers on the west coast, kids who were routinely shot, maimed, wounded, and killed, there was no serious national outcry that proposed amending the Constitution to protect those poor dark skinned children, not a peep. Foghorn reminded us that routine executions of the dark skinned children had been happening for decades. As Foghorn pointed out “People didn’t start screaming and running around like their hair was on fire until they started shooting WHITE children.” Imagine that.


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12 Responses to Uncomfortable Observations

  1. Peggy says:

    And even when white kids are being shot, we still can’t get any legislation with teeth – or any legislation for that matter. Look how fast we went to Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. That’s because we could USE guns there. Not that it was legal under the Geneva Convention or anything . . .

  2. jatwood4 says:

    Absolutely, a good observation. I mean really — the father of one of those white children shoots and kills a black kid who’s just come from a store, (I think,) because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt? And then, when taken to court, the judge declined to indict him for the murder he committed. And THEN, some idiot police chief or sheriff, I don’t remember from where, is teaching his new officer shooting, at targets of a man, doubtless meant to be black, with the outline of a hooded sweatshirt. I’m about ready to start that commune in Figi!

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you for posting such a sad truth! Prayerfully we will pass legislation so each cannot become their own army. Christ’s peace.

    • elroyjones says:

      With any luck at all, the corporations that profit from man’s inhumanity to man will be overthrown by the people before it’s too late for us all. There is cold hard cash behind the violence in our society.

  4. Now I have to think in a new direction.

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