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A Proposal

“I’ve made dinner reservations for us and I bought something I’d like you to wear.” Her stomach lurched; a familiar churning sensation attacked her innards. He was constantly buying something he’d like her to wear. Little bits of lace and … Continue reading


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Friendly Voice

When I was employed by others, I used to call my husband sometimes just to hear a friendly voice. He’d ask, “What do you need?” and I’d reply, “I just called to hear a friendly voice.” At that time I … Continue reading

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Workin’ for the NSA…

Workin’ for the NSA….

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Bradley Manning Up

Excerpted from Chase Madar on–“Our government secrecy fetishists invest their security clearances (held by an elite coterie of4.8 million people) and the information security (InfoSec) regime they continue to elaborate with all sorts of protective powers over life and limb.  … Continue reading

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Equality Lives

Hello Equality, good riddance DOMA. I am happy to know that everyone (everyone as federal law applies and everyone in the enlightened states that don’t discriminate, that is) will be able to enjoy the same contractual protections and responsibilities afforded by … Continue reading

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NSA: The ultimate confessional booth

NSA: The ultimate confessional booth.

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Pointed View

I found Connie Sambrook’s blog by way of gigoid’s blog both of which are interesting and share some of the views I have. I watched a little bit of the Obama press release on Keystone yesterday. It breaks my heart to … Continue reading

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Shameless Begging

Shameless Begging. Mr. Hotspur is lonely. His readers have gone on summer vacation. A little visit from you will cheer him up.

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Snow Job

I don’t agree with the espionage charge against Edward Snowden. His release of classified information, information that is not purported to be particularly important but does confirm what we’ve suspected all along, the US government utilizes the means at its … Continue reading

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Not Nike

The fuss over  physical intimacy has always perplexed me. Sex is like brushing one’s teeth, it is something we do that really does not deserve too much discussion. I believe my mother brought that to my attention when I was young, “It … Continue reading

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