Pointed View

I found Connie Sambrook’s blog by way of gigoid’s blog both of which are interesting and share some of the views I have.

I watched a little bit of the Obama press release on Keystone yesterday. It breaks my heart to admit the man has lost all credibility. The argument that he is impotent against his adversaries is meaningless to me. He has a voice. He refuses to use it.  He is complicit. He is a puppet.


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9 Responses to Pointed View

  1. SprinklinThoughts says:

    “He is a puppet”… Well Good Morning elroyjones… hope I’m not being rude, but I’ve been waiting for this moment – when you awaken… welcome! 🙂

    • elroyjones says:

      Greetings M, I’ve been critical of Obama all along, since his first term. I was hopeful that he would have the backbone to transcend the bullshit but apparently not. I wonder how much any of it really matters. I don’t suppose we’ll know until people are starving and then it will be too late.

      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        If he (or anyone) really tried to change anything (in our favor as opposed to the powers that be), they’d shoot him. And you’re right, it hardly matters now because it’s all too pervasive and too many people still ‘believe’…. people are already starving… I (too often) think it is already too late and the only thing left to happen is more of the same (but more) until it all falls apart. Bummer.
        Anyway… have a great day. 🙂

      • elroyjones says:

        Exactly right, people are starving but it’s not publicized because it might make us feel so bad we wouldn’t have the gumption to get to Walmart.

        You too, have a good day and enjoy your retirement!

  2. Oh wow. It really is starting to feel that way, isn’t it.

  3. jatwood4 says:

    Groundbreakers often limit themselves, so as not to stray too far from the established norm. A shame, as he had the potential, but not the courage. I’m saddened as well.

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