Friendly Voice

When I was employed by others, I used to call my husband sometimes just to hear a friendly voice. He’d ask, “What do you need?” and I’d reply, “I just called to hear a friendly voice.” At that time I worked with a cruel, unhappy, alcoholic woman, who was subject to erratic moods, changing from the beginning of a sentence to the end, in a way that was most disconcerting.

In the early days, before we got married, my husband requested that I always take his calls at work. He was a commercial fisherman, prior to cell phone prevalence, so calls were costly and infrequent. He heard on the news, while he was offshore, that the bank where I worked had been robbed. He called the bank ship-to-shore and commanded me to quit immediately (Yankee-Whiskey-Zulu-something-something-something, out). I didn’t quit then, but after it became apparent that we wouldn’t have the same time off, I did.

We moved away from the town where we met. He told me I’d love the new town and I did. He was still fishing. The people I worked with bought into the romance (and free tuna and lobster) and rushed to get me to the phone when he called.

Now we’re here in the hinterland. We work together, live together, rarely spend time apart. He drives me crazy with countless phone calls every day. Sometimes we don’t want to continue the discussion or the disagreement. We answer the phone anyway.

We’ve reached the point that some couples do, we don’t really care to be too far from one another. Regardless of avocation, there is an awareness of the other just below the surface. A few weeks ago, we attended a social gathering. It was an obligation we couldn’t refuse. I took a walk with some younger women to explore neighborhood shops. My husband called me. I offered regrets and I left. I sensed an emancipated impatience from one of the young ladies. I could tell she resolved never to be like me.
If she’s lucky, she’ll recognize a friendly voice when she hears one.


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Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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21 Responses to Friendly Voice

  1. maesprose says:

    Awwww…. the important thing is you do!

  2. I happen to have a very friendly voice.

  3. John says:

    I can relate to the friendly voice. I don’t think Julian and I have ever gone a day without speaking, mostly in person, but, even when he’s gone, he’ll call once or twice.. .sometime more…times per day. Over the past two years, he’s works at a job where he works from home 3 days per week. The two days he goes to the office, we either IM or text throughout the day. This summer he’s had an opportunity to mentor an intern, so he has to go in to work 4 days per week, and it’s been very strange, because we see each other less, and talk less during the time he’s in the office, because of his working with the intern. It’s certainly not anything bad… but, I find myself missing him … and, in a strange way, it’s a nice feeling: it’s nice to have someone you truly miss, rather than being with someone with whom you look forward to time away from…

    • elroyjones says:

      It IS! As you know, I get a little wiggy when I spend too much time here but it’s the place I need to get away from not my husband. I read Mae’s post about her dad’s birthday and your response about your mom and dad and I thought, “How do they do it? How do they manage to carry on, when they’ve lost so much?”
      Back to your original sentiment, it’s nice to miss someone and it’s nice to be missed.

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