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Relative Importance

Busy.Not very important but damn busy. Back soon,I hope.

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Going Coastal

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Tattoo Thoughts

Originally posted on Jeanne Kasten Studio:
I finally got around to creating a layout for printing temporary tattoos. At ten sheets of paper for $20, it’s probably not something I’ll do very often. They turned out all right. The temporary…

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Judy Drownded (Part I)

Join me for story time with Richard Daybell, let’s see what happened when Judy Drownded.

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Dear rich people…

Dear rich people…. A few words from my friend Arthur Browne, who would like to witness basic human decency from those who can best afford to demonstrate it. He has also written an entertaining novel The Saloon at the Edge … Continue reading

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Marriage Insider

Marriage is not a long running Adulation Festival, whereby you are the rock star and your spouse is the groupie. It doesn’t work like that. No matter how great you think your spouse thinks you are, eventually your ugly little … Continue reading

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Introducing Edward Hotspur

The United States Is Now A Volumeocracy. Mr. Hotspur offers clever observations. His post is amusing and alarming.

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Premarital Advice

The moral to the story is if you’re not willing to sacrifice you’re not ready to get married. The moral is exponentially true if you’re planning on marrying someone with children from a prior alliance. The young people in my life … Continue reading


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Exposed Privates

As humiliating as it is to admit it, I will. I’ve been bamboozled not once but twice by the same man. It’s the first time in the History of Elroy that a good looking man has gotten one over on … Continue reading

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Visual Art

Jeanne Kasten Studio has created a blog to showcase original artwork. Jeanne has created gorgeous, intricate, pieces that are versatile in application. She offers small affordable pieces, including notecards, T-shirts, and jewelry, as well as larger pieces. If you have … Continue reading

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