No There

I wouldn’t be a Bradley Manning sympathizer if the US government conducted its business with just a smidge of integrity. In surfing the net for material to aid my One Woman War Against Practically Everything- you name it, I’m against it unless they, whoever they may be, are for it, I found a funny comment from Haigin88 on The Guardian blog-

“So, the bad guys liked the net and Bradley Manning helped put stuff on the net. There seems to be a big hole between the two, namely that Bradley ‘knowing’ aided the enemy.

This reads a lot like Colin Powell’s bullshit fiasco at the UN prior to the Iraq invasion: lots of this, lots of that but it’s all smoke. There’s no ‘there’ there. This kind of ‘evidence’ would be laughed out of a proper court, no?”

Where is there? I guess that would depend wholly on what the definition of is, is. Manning exposed the government for what it is- a greedy, hypocritical, money machine, in Iraq stealing oil and Afghanistan trying to steal lithium while it bombed the daylights out of innocent civilians and sacrificed its own soldiers to advance American imperialism. Never mind that the electrical grid is crumbling, driving over a bridge tempts fate, old people and school kids are hungry and the rest of us work hard to keep what we have with no hope of getting ahead. We should have improved our position here at home, in the good old US of A, helping our countrymen in humanitarian causes. We wouldn’t have had to concern ourselves with what happened there because there is no there there (thank you, Gertrude Stein) and pretty soon there won’t be any there here either.


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9 Responses to No There

  1. As you’re “surfing the net for material to aid my One Woman War,” may I make a suggestion: Restore The Fourth, a new group dedicated to demanding a restoration of our Fourth Amendment privacy rights and an end to illegal NSA surveillance.


  2. As long as you’re considering other sources, may I suggest

  3. You are like a crusader.

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