SnoopNet Peekerpol SpiFi

From The New York Times

“Le Monde reported that the General Directorate for External Security does the same kind of data collection as the American National Security Agency and the British GCHQ, but does so without clear legal authority.

The system is run with “complete discretion, at the margins of legality and outside all serious control,” the newspaper said, describing it as “a-legal.”

Nonetheless, the French data is available to the various police and security agencies of France, the newspaper reported, and the data is stored for an indeterminate period. The main interest of the agency, the paper said, is to trace who is talking to whom, when and from where and for how long, rather than in listening in to random conversations. But the French also record data from large American networks like Google and Facebook, the newspaper said.”

Restore the Fourth is a US grassroots movement to protect the integrity of the fourth amendment. The French will riot in the streets; they don’t have much patience for government. I wonder if they have Walmart… .


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9 Responses to SnoopNet Peekerpol SpiFi

  1. But then again the French never really say anything

  2. The French may riot, and they will look fabulous while doing it.

  3. maesprose says:

    I love a nice French accent. I’d even shop in Le Walmarte if they greeted me in French.

  4. jatwood4 says:

    I’m tardy checking emails, but I signed up — thanks for making this site available through your post!

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