Making Preparations

Shore camp had been unoccupied for a long stretch. It demanded fresh air and a good dusting. Hank set to work from the top down and the inside out. He took the quilts and hung them on the line to air out. He made sure there was enough propane in the tank to run the fridge and the stove, primed the water pump, and split some kindling for the little Jotul in case it got chilly in the mornings and evenings. He sat in the rocker, staring out the window at the sunlight flirting with the ripples in the cove. Gratified by his housework, he went to the market for groceries with a concentration on the foods they enjoyed and complete disregard for the dietary restrictions that accompany one’s seventh decade. Along with ice cream, fresh baked bread, butter, cheese, sturdy slabs of steak, crabmeat, fresh basil, dill, lettuce, and tomatoes, and a few bottles of wine, he bought a couple of cigars and (what the hell) a pack of clove cigarettes. After he’d put the groceries away he rehung the big hammock and pulled the canoe out and down to just above the high water mark. He drove back to town to collect his wife.


About elroyjones

Married, no children, responsibly self-directed, living happily.
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5 Responses to Making Preparations

  1. Oh, flirting sunlight…

  2. Seventh decade — these are my people. Except for the clove cigarettes — they sound awful.

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