A Perfect Day

She surprised him one morning by rising before he did. She went to the kitchen and brewed coffee before she woke him up. It was a perfect crisp blue sky day. They had a fire in the Jotul to take the chill off. Marion made waffles with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. They grinned like naughty little kids. He washed the dishes while she showered. They took a walk and held hands. They hadn’t held hands in years. He knew she’d taken her pills because he saw them on her napkin at breakfast. They reminded each other of the funny things the kids had done at camp over the years. They congratulated each other for having the good sense to buy and remodel the place.

He made lunch and she ate it. They took a big fleece throw out to the hammock and had a nap. When they woke up they listened to Fresh Air on NPR. He suggested they paddle out in the canoe to watch the sunset over camp like they used to do. He grabbed the big fleece throw. He saw her pill bottle on the bathroom sink. He took one. He grabbed a bottle of wine, some paper cups, and the cork screw. He situated her in front of the stern seat, wrapped up in the fleece, in charge of the wine. He paddled out on the ebb tide out to just before the undertow. He uncorked the wine. He rubbed her cheek, with his thumb, as she sat between his knees. As the sun slipped behind the roof line of shore camp, he held her tight as he rolled the canoe. The last thing he said was, “I’ve got you Marion, don’t worry. I’ve got you and we’re together.”


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48 Responses to A Perfect Day

  1. ummmm… waffles…..

  2. Should she be drinking wine with those pills???

  3. Yes, get him down of that high horse. Indulge, baby, indulge. The Days of Wine and Roses. I didn’t enjoy the dialogue about nursing homes, by the way.

  4. The words “the end” pop into my mind. Or else there’s a steamy sex scene just ahead.

    • elroyjones says:

      They would have gone to the nursing home reported on in the Bloomberg link I gave you but their application was rejected. In utter despondence, they chose a permanent departure. We will not be hearing more from them unless it is a the occasional blub…blub…blub.

      • Don’t I feel dumb. I misread the second to last line and had him rowing the canoe, not rolling, which would have been a happy ending — albeit not nearly as good — as they sail blissfully into their 80s, smoking cigars, drinking wine and popping pills.

      • elroyjones says:

        PMAO did the same thing, maybe I need to use a different word. I am flattered that you took the time to read it twice. Have you never smelled a clove cigarette? They’ll rip the lungs right out of you but the aroma is worth it. I liked that you thought Hank was a bit too rigid.

      • elroyjones says:

        You consistently make me laugh. “they sail blissfully…” Sounds like a plan to me!

  5. jatwood4 says:

    Wow again. BAM!! What an ending. This has been a very powerful work. 😎

  6. maesprose says:

    I loved it… I was wondering why he took a pill…. now I know. I’ve got you…… Glad I didn’t read this before I went in the boat!

  7. Peggy says:

    Beautiful. A gorgeous story.

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