Urban Gardens




I had a brief adventure while I was gone. It is my habit to get up and out into the world as the sun rises. It makes my heart happy to wander around unsupervised. I took these pictures at 6A in my old neighborhood. The only other people I encountered were runners, dog walkers, and one security guard.

The middle picture was taken from the sidewalk behind the gate that keeps unwanted people out, while it allows the common riff-raff an obstructed view of what they cannot afford to see. The property is part of a high rise condo building that is a blight on an otherwise grand old neighborhood. The condo is set back 40 feet from the sidewalk so the garden must be about 15 feet from the fence. At 6A, I was practically skipping with joy to see views that I love and the many ways people incorporate beauty in their homes and lives.  The little garden called to me so I walked in on the driveway about 5 feet and set the zoom to get a picture of it. Mind you, I hadn’t reached the gated portion of the sidewalk so I wasn’t aware of the riff-raff boundary. No sooner had I taken a picture or two (They came out nicely, thank you, but since you don’t live there and may not be able to afford the view I can’t show them to you.) when an aging female security guard came out to tell me, sheepishly, that I had to get out of the driveway and back on the sidewalk unless I was taking photographs for one of the residents. I could tell she knew I wasn’t doing anything terrible because she looked so uncomfortable and embarrassed. One 50-something woman telling another that the people she works for don’t care to have the working class infringing upon what they bought and paid for. I understand private property so I moved right along.

I believe that people should own what they can afford. I also believe there is a gracious way to own the earth. There are some runners who like to use the precipice that is the driveway to Hippy Hill as a stairmaster. I don’t mind. I hope they don’t have heart attacks  in the middle of the driveway but if they want to run up and down all the live long day it doesn’t worry me. My neighbor posts his property “Private. Keep Out.” I don’t know what he is afraid people will do. I’d rather have the occasional stray person than permanent, ugly, signs. At least the security guard is employed.

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6 Responses to Urban Gardens

  1. I always wonder about how we can own parts of the Earth. All along the coast rich people are trying to buy the beaches. Beaches belong to everybody. So do the forests. It’s bad enough they own all the high ground and steal the views.

  2. maesprose says:

    Yes… I will take a view and stare at it too! Sorry you got tossed from the driveway back to the street. That was a sad middle aged moment!

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